Why did you already buy a portable air conditioning and what models are the best


A product that is perfect for large rooms such as salons, or even for several rooms that communicate with a hallway like several rooms, is this Cecotec Forceclima 9050.A high -power air conditioning and also has a dehumidifier function.

Can refrigerate, ventilate and also dehumidify, so you buy 3 products in one.It has a power to cool stays of up to 25m2 with 2.270 Frigories.

Forceclima 9050

This portable air conditioner can cool rooms up to 25 square meters. Tiene 2270 Frigories y es de fácil instalación.It is also dehumidifier.

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You can use it in any room, even in your bedroom because it has a low consumption mode and that makes little noise to sleep on those hot summer nights.It has a touch control panel and is programmable 24 hours a day.

It can be achieved in the Cecotec online store for 269 euros.It has free shipping from the company stores in Spain.


This Cecotec Forceclima 7050 is an air conditioning that needs to expel the heat generated by the window, so it is one of the most efficient and those that most resemble the air conditioners that are installed on the wall.

It is a product 3 in 1, can ventilate, refrigerate the environment and also makes the functions of a dehumidifier.It has a power of 1800 fridge and with a large fresh air flow of up to 300 m3/h.Can refresh stays of about 20 m2.

Forceclima 7050

Por qué deberías compra ya un aire acondicionado portátil y qué modelos son los mejores

This portable air conditioner can cool rooms up to 20 square meters.Has 1.800 FRIDITS AND IT IS EASY INSTALLATION.In addition it is also certified by its low consumption.

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Your touch panel allows you to easily control it and create a 24 -hour programming.It is also a product that you can install in your bedroom to use it while you sleep because it has a silent way for the night.

This Forceclima 7050 is available at the Cecotec online store for 219 euros, but is exhausted right now.The best alternative is Amazon, where it costs 224.90 euros.

Avant air conditioning

This Avant air conditioner is one of those products that take advantage of a tank full of water and to which ice cubes can be added to cool the air that goes through its fans.

It is a product that is right right now, less than 60 euros and shipping costs are totally free and fast if you register in prime before buying it.

Avant air conditioning

65 W and 3 -speed portable evaporative air conditioner.It has a 4 -liter water tank and timer for 7.5 hours.

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It has a power of 65 w, 3 speeds for its internal fan and also a 4 -liter water tank to fill it with water and add moisture to the environment and with some ice cubes you can improve the ambient temperature.

It does not require any type of assembly, just fill the tank, plug it in and choose the power.

Taurus R850

For somewhat larger stays this Evaportive air conditioner R850 is a very good solution at a very tight price because it costs 63 euros.

As the previous model uses a deposit in this case of 7 liters to cool the environment.They also include 2 containers that can be freezed to cool the water.It has a power of 80 w and a 7 -hour timer.


Portable evaporative air conditioner with 3 speeds and modes, 7 -hour timer and a 7 -liter tank.

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It is a perfect air conditioner to take it from room to room and that does not require any maintenance type than filling the water bucket when emptying.

It has 3 speeds to increase the air flow, being the most under the best for hot nights and that does not bother to sleep.

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