Who is the mysterious companion of Sofia Ellar?We introduce you to Pablo García

Who is the mysterious companion of Sofia Ellar?We introduce you to Pablo García

Several days have passed, but we are still talking about the stir that Sofia Ellar caused with her spectacular transformation.The artist left us all without words by changing from the image radically and presenting her 'alter ego', Mademoiselle Madame, who has nothing to do with her but has served to present her new project."This short compound of three songs tells a narrative preceding what will come later, which is that album in which I have been working for so many months: Free," Sofia told us."He is a character that I created during the pandemic and we have made it to measure from the hand of professionals and psychologists.It is the visual and musical representation of a person who is lost and is not able to resort to the tools to get out of that black hole, "he said.

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In this new project it has not been alone but has had the company of a mysterious boy who responds to the name of Johnny Bravo.It is an attractive youngness with which he has shared scenes in the video and, therefore, he has rumored that he could be his new boyfriend.Is it true?Sofia herself has told us what's true in this story, ensuring that she is just a great friend."Many are telling me to link it to me, but the truth is that it is Johnny Bravo, a liar multiplied by three because: it is neither Johnny, nor is it brave, nor is he actor.Pablo García is a great friend who has supported me in difficult times and who made the mess for all this shed, "he explained to the disgust of his followers, that illusions had been made thinking that they could be a couple.

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¿Quién es el misterioso acompañante de Sofía Ellar? Te presentamos a Pablo García

Pablo is a model and businessman and had never worked as an actor.Until now, he had only been in front of the camera in photo sessions, advertising campaigns...But it had a great time rolling with Sofia."You have believed it, I am better than bread...The truth is that I liked the role of bad.He works at the Clear Management Agency, which has Teresa Baca, Nicolás Coronado, Ángela Ponce, Mark Vanderloo JR.or Nahuel Casares, in addition to Carlo Costanzia, Alejandra Prat, Ana Obregón, Carmen Jordá, Estefanía Luyk, Fonsi Nieto, María Palacios, Marisa Jara, Modesto Lomba, Marta Robles or Ana García-Siñeríz, among many others.In addition, along with two other friends, the Association 'The same team' has created."It is a very nice project with which we intend to give visibility or be the speaker of the people who have stayed on the street or who now live a complicated situation.We try to lend them a hand, in addition to the way we believe it is more efficient: looking for a job, "he said in a live that has done this weekend with Sofia.

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The singer has defined him as: "A person who daily gives an example about how to be your best version, how you can work every day in yourself, in your soul, in your heart...He is a generous person to not be able, a spectacular uncle.He is an adorable friend, that I love him madly ".In addition, this new project wanted to work with him because they already knew each other and was convinced that it was going to be much easier."I met him in one of the most difficult moments...As a friend, he has known how to live, having met me at a very very complicated and very complex moment (...) Paul had never played anything, he had never been an actor.But I had to play a role and I was very shame...In my video clips I have never had to put myself in a slightly more committed situation.He said: 'If it is Pablo, when the camera we are going to laugh' and so it was.I would not have occurred to anyone better, I am proud of you as a friend and I feel a lot of admiration, "are the affectionate words that has dedicated him.

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For his part, Pablo has told how he has been working with Sofia: "It's a lot of fun, but it's very demanding and wants everything very well.It is very perfectionist, and it is not that it becomes nervous but that it gets tense...And I, as I am very calm, because I do not get nervous ".After becoming known, he confesses that his "Instagram throws fire" and her friend told between laughs that "there are many that you are writing to Paul".

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