What is Demisexuality? _

What is Demisexuality? _

Demisexuality is a little-known sexual orientation that falls within the spectrum of asexuality.

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, regardless of whether an emotional bond or romantic relationship develops between the two. Demisexual people, on the other hand, may develop sexual attraction towards others as long as an emotional bond has been established first.

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The difference that characterizes demisexual people is that forming a bond is mandatory, since their sexual stimulus is affective relationships, while for other people who do not enter the asexual spectrum, wanting to form a relationship before having sex is optional.

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However, having an emotional or romantic relationship with another person does not guarantee demisexual people that they will feel sexual attraction.

The website Salud Mapfre collects statistics from a study the AVEN (Network for Education and visibility of Asexuality) that explain the sexual preferences of the demisexual people interviewed:

Sexuality is a broad spectrum in which each person identifies in a different way, as each one has preferences when developing emotional relationships and demonstrating their sexual attraction.