What container do I take to work? Express tips for eating healthy and hot at the office What kind of lunch box do I take to work? Express tips to eat healthy and hot in the office

Eating at work sucks, make no mistake. Opening the container and eating what comes there never satisfies us at all, it is the opposite of what we all imagine as a pleasant meal, but it helps us to go through the process of feeding ourselves. It's kind of sad to eat out of a box, be it plastic or glass. It is only about covering a need, but we cannot allow ourselves that neglect ends up filling our stomachs with anything.

The trick to eating out of a box as freshly made is on Amazon: this is the electric lunch box that also cooks

The mediocrity of the lunch box sums up the tension and speed to which modern life leads us . We are Homo Sapiens who swallow quickly to continue with their daily chores overwhelmed by the pressure. It is something that we cannot avoid, but there are solutions to varnish this impersonal moment of the day with a more pleasant and healthy patina. What to do to fight against the monotony of the taper?

Reserve some time and a space to disconnect

There are those who are lucky enough to be able to go home to eat during their midday break, but if this is not your case, since these mammals are in danger of extinction, do not eat in front of the screen. Some companies enable specific areas for their employees to perform this physiological function, in others, each one can do it where they prefer... by God! you try to swallow some old spaghetti. Get up from your desk and do some social life, talk to those other inhabitants of your office... and if possible, about something other than work. If you don't like the crowd of microwaves or you don't have one nearby, there is a very practical solution that will allow you to have hot food without using it. Do you know her?

It is an electric thermos that keeps food warm and you can also heat it by connecting it to a socket or to the 12/24V cable of the car. It heats up quickly and includes cutlery and a thermal compartment for snacks or desserts.

Second tip: better glass

Which container do I take to work? Quick tips for eating healthy and hot at the office What lunch box do I take to work? Express tips for eating healthy and hot at the office

Food keeps better in glass than in plastic and does not take on a flavor from the pan. In addition, experts recommend that plastic not be heated in the microwave due to the risk of ingesting Bisphenol BPA, which is used to harden polycarbonate, or phthalates, the abuse of which can have negative consequences for our reproductive system. If you can't avoid transporting food in these plastic containers, don't microwave or heat them in them, and don't wash them in the dishwasher either. A good option to take food is in this type of glass containers with a valve from Luminarc, of great quality and that is discounted on Amazon.

Try to maintain a balanced diet

Work is a source of stress and anxiety causes us to end up filling our stomachs with whatever crap from the vending machine. To avoid this, take the appetizer from home and try to skip the chocolate buns. Fruit is always a good solution, even if it means that you have to carry another box in your backpack. Also, that will slow down your eating. This Tatay system is the best seller on Amazon and widely used to take food to work, and it includes six tuppers that fit inside!

Batch cooking and planning

But what do I put in the container if I don't have time to cook? Not smelly foods, so forget about cauliflower and blue cheese. Planning is the foundation of success. If you don't have time to do it during the week, prepare it on the weekend and freeze it, practice what modern people call batch cooking. Try to make your lunch boxes full of colour: greens and vegetables, and supplement with some low-calorie carbohydrate and protein so as not to fill your stomach with more calories than necessary. Take advantage and cook legumes for several days and prepare them in a variety of ways so you don't get bored. This lunch box set is a hit on Amazon and covers all your needs.

Don't go too far when filling the containers

A trick: if you want to know how much you are really going to eat, before putting the food in the container, put it on a plate so you will gain real awareness of How much food are you going to eat? The magic of the lunchbox turns the container into a miniature Tardis: bigger on the inside than the outside, and if you fill it all the way, you'll end up eating more food than you think.

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