Samsung washing machine and dryer and also 100 euros cheaper than usual in this Amazon offer

Having a washing machine that at the same time can also use to dry is a great advantage, and more if the ability to load is great as it happens in this Samsung model.

Now it is reduced by 19% and its cost is 509.99 euros.

Samsung WD80T4046EE/EC en Amazon

It carries ecobubble technology with which you get good results in cold water.The detergent water is mixed with air before entering the drum, generating a layer of bubbles that penetrates the garments and makes friction between them less.

The steam program prevents bacteria and allergens from being formed in clothing, being able to eliminate up to 99% of germs.

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Lavadora y secadora, de Samsung y además 100 euros más barata de lo habitual en esta oferta de Amazon

With Airwash the bad odors of your garments are disinfected and eliminated only with hot air, without the need for water, detergent or other chemicals.

It also has a pre -laughed bubbles with which the garments remain in intense bubble before the washing cycle, in order to eliminate spots more easily and that the washing is more effective.

It has a capacity of 8 kilograms in the washing machine and 5 kg in the dryer.

Amazon assessments


79% of the people who have bought this sink has given him 4 or 5 stars in Amazon's valuations, so they have been satisfied with what this appliance is like.

"Using the washing machine-cleker we are very satisfied with everything, starting with the noise when centrifugal that is barely heard at 1.400 rpm and it is also very large, it is definitely recommended, "Massimo wrote Q.

"It's a very good purchase, I'm delighted with her, lava well and dry too.If you don't have a Buy Buy it "Mihaela has valued.

"Complete product, lava and dry excellently, without noise" is what a Amazon customer tells us.

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If everything you have been able to read to you that thanks to your Prime Amazon account you can get you without any shipping costs, the value of this sink grows exponentially.

But not everything stays there, since in a few days you can have it at home and start enjoying all its virtues and all the ways you have been able to see in this article.Take advantage of the discount, do not hesitate.