Tyco's access control system integrates smart locks to enhance security

The safety of intelligent housing and buildings can be enhanced thanks to the integration of the access control and security control system C · Cure 9000 of Tyco with the smart locks jump.In this way, users can replace mechanical drive keys with electronic locks in any project.

To obtain a safer and more economical access control solution, the Virtual Salto (SVN) will provide greater flexibility to expand the CIE 9000 system.

Through the Cure 9000 Safety Management System of Tyco, buildings managers will have the possibility of controlling all access doors of the facilities.Likewise, the system allows you to use the jump when it is offline, allowing the opening of the doors to the authorized users.

El sistema de control de acceso de Tyco integra cerraduras inteligentes para potenciar la seguridad

To update the cards that will be used in offline access readers, an online jump reader will be used.Shared -connected transactions via cards are synchronized with the c · cure 9000 server.

Characteristics of c · cure 9000 and the jump lock

The Access and Security Control System C · Cure 9000 can be implemented in any building, regardless of its antiquity, design and location.This solution will provide access to all people authorized to their job, computer or mobile device.

Regarding jumping hardware, smart locks can be installed in almost any type of doors, from thin -profile doors to solid or glass construction doors, as well as accesses with antipanic bars and padlock, ticket offices, racks, betweenOther spaces.The installation and maintenance of the jump locks are quick and simple tasks, so that the labor overruns are eliminated and the classification of the door is avoided.