Tips to be taken into account before buying an electric grinder

There are few coffee lovers who like the idea of grinding their grains at home and enjoying all the aroma of this berry.And for this, nothing better than getting a good electric grinder to enjoy each sip to the fullest.A small appliance that becomes an essential in the kitchen for those who are real passionate about this universal drink.

Of course, before buying this home accessory, it is convenientof those coffee beans at the time.In addition, with the minimum effort and you can very quickly have for breakfast a coffee of newly ground quality origin.

Granos de café antes de pasar por un molinillo eléctrico / Nathan Dumlao en UNSPLASH

What to look at?

This type of kitchen accessory does not differ much from one that works manually, except for the fact of having more performance by being electric.Thus, among the models that one can be found in a specialized establishment, you must observe in detail everything related to the size and capacity of the same, its power when it comes to grindThey are the blades, grinding degrees, design or what material this device is made.

Finally, and if necessary, it does not completely opt for that electric grip that is more versatile for its different capacities and functions and also carry a series of extra accessories to make it more complete if it fits.

What is looking for in a grinder?

Consejos a tener en cuenta antes de comprar un molinillo eléctrico de café

Knowing in advance what are the specifications of this type of small appliance now is the turn to renew each of the characteristics.The first one concerning the ability it offers: if a single person in the house is going to drink coffee (unless it has an excessive daily consumption) with a medium -sized model will be more than enough.And if you want to have a lot of ground coffee for other occasions, it would be enough to acquire a tank machine.

Other important aspects have to do with the type of blade, the degree of grinding and the engine that supports this kitchen apparatus.Thus, if you are looking for a more sophisticated model, you can choose the one that has more professional disco, conical (with double bearing) and flat shape.And a plus in the case of this cutting element: better if they are ceramic that the coffee grain does not harm when crushing and grinding it for an optimal result.

Key aspects

A key factor is to know in advance how that grilled grilled and how coffee will look after going through it, since this depends a lot not only on the user's taste but also on the type of coffee maker that will be used later to give life to that expected cup.In this case you can opt for a conventional basic range model or buy a more professional one that specifies each preparation according to the thickness of the fruit or allows a manual adjustment to succeed with the best degree of grinding in each case.

In relation to the latter, we must not forget to take a look at the characteristics of the engine that has been incorporated and the power of the same in relation to the fact that it can grind more precisely, speed and, if possible, without making a lot of noise to thedo it.

Design and materials

Already defined the key aspects that are sought in an electric grin of coffee, if one wants to also look at the most aesthetic part of the device.This is where the materials of which the same, plastic or stainless steel in most cases, as well as the design come into play (if it is preferred to be more or less compact and if it is sought to have aSomething more conventional or with more modern lines).

And already placed, in addition to grinding coffee, another good idea when opting for an electric grinding or another is that it is practical when it has to clean it and offer more functionalities;such as that you can also crush spices or nuts.Finally, a detail that will make this device 10: if it has extras such as different filters, blades, deposits, cachs to measure the amount of coffee and even accessories for subsequent cleaning after use.