This is the trick to clean burnt pans that has gone viral on TikTok

A woman has shared on the TikTok social network a trick to clean burnt pans and leave them like new that has gone viral and continues to accumulate reactions.

The content begins with the creator promising that you can get rid of years of dirt and burn marks with just a few simple ingredients that everyone probably has in their kitchen cupboard such as salt, vinegar or baking soda, as reported by Mirror .

The video accumulates millions of views and reactions, especially from other users who have tried this method to see if it really works or not. Most are photos of before and after applying it, where you can see how the original shine of the kitchen utensil is recovered in front of totally surprised people.

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The process to achieve this amazing result begins by sprinkling the base of the pan with salt, after which baking soda should be added. Once this step is complete, you will need to add liquid detergent and mix everything by rubbing lightly.

Next, you will have to cover the pan with paper napkins or something similar until it is completely covered, after which you must add the white vinegar until they are completely soaked. The author of the viral video explains that you should let the mixture act for 5 minutes before removing the papers.

As shown in the image and thousands of people have replicated, when you lift the paper napkins you will see how this mixture washes away several years of dirt accumulation easily and quickly.

However, according to the author, it is likely that in specific pots or utensils it will be necessary to repeat it or rub more intensely if the burned surface has not been cleaned for too long.