This is the best dishwasher on the market, according to the OCU

This is the best dishwasher on the market, according to the OCU

The battle between Fairy and Mistol continues.The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has once again focused on the eternal struggle between both brands.The association has analyzed 29 dishwasher by hand - 13 more than last year - to determine which are most effective: those that wash the most dishes and those that have a better relationship between quality and price.

All products studied are sold in Spanish supermarkets.Among them, there are five dishwasher with ecological label since there is a growing demand for consumers, as a novelty of the study.The results have been disseminated in the journal purchase of January.


The best valued detergent in this analysis of the OCU is the Eucalyptus Extra Hygiene Fairy, which repeats a position with respect to last year.This concentrated liquid dishwasher for hand washing is sold in a plastic bottle with a capacity of 650 milliliters. Lo fabrica y comercializa la empresa estadounidense Procter & Gamble.Obtains a qualification of 87 points of the 100 possible.

This is the image of the product:


The tensioning and the price, the keys

Este es el mejor lavavajillas del mercado, según la OCU

If there is something that distinguishes this Fairy product from its rivals, it is the amount of tensioning, components that serve to generate foam or start the dirt.These represent 37% of the product, more than any competitor.


“Flory Extra is the dishwasher with the greatest content in tensioning of the analysis and, in a casual way, the most effective: capable of washing up to 66 dishes with only two grams of product.With it, original mystol only gives for 20 dishes, ”they point out from the organization.

Despite obtaining the best note of the analysis, the Eucalyptus Extra Hygiene Fairy is one of the most expensive detergents of the 29 analyzed, only surpassed by his partner Fairy foam active and the ecological L’Arebre Vert."It goes without saying that this composition [of tensioning] where it best has its reflection is in the price," they point out from the OCU.


The average price of this lavajillas is 4.35 euros/liter, according to the consumer organization.A package of this product costs 2.80 euros (4.31 euros/liter) if purchased at Carrefour or 2.45 euros (3.76 euros/liter) if Alcampo opts."What the end tells is the performance and the most expensive ends up the cheapest, because the cost of washing a thousand dishes with him is the lowest," they explain.

Fairy leads the classification

The Fairy brand not only manages to lead the classification of the OCU with this product, but occupies the first three positions on the list.Among the five most valued dishwashers - which exceed all 80 points - one also sneak with an ecological label and another white brand of the Lidl supermarkets.

These are the 10 dishwasher best valued by the OCU:

The 10 best dishwasher by hand

This is the classification of the 29 dishwashers analyzed by the OCU, its valuation at points and its variation with respect to last year:

There are two dishwasher that disappear from the list as they have not been analyzed:

Here you can see the complete table of the results:

White brand vs manufacturer brand

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