Thus you must clean the washing machine inside so that it is new

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It is quite evident that the appliances that clean are dirty.For example, the washing machines, which are responsible for cleaning our clothes so that it is impeccable as the first day, can take dirt and humidity that then stain our casting.

What is the silver fish of moisture and why should you end it?

Thus, so much load of crushed clothes and with bad odors ends up influencing the cleaning of the washing machine.Therefore, if we neglect your care, in the long run we can meet mold and other dirt.The mold, in addition, causes the silver fish, a bug of humidity that, in turn, brings more problems: mites or the appearance of new insects.

Therefore, every time it is recommended to clean the washing machine thorough.

Ingredients and method

To clean the washing machine inside you will only need 4 things: vinegar, bleach, hot water and a cloth.

Así debes limpiar la lavadora por dentro para que quede como nueva

Then, to begin with, it will be necessary to focus on the two elements that can avoid the formation of mold and bad odors if they are clean: the drum and the rubber.

Trucos caseros

Thus you must clean the rubber of the washing machine so that it is without a trace of spots

The drum

To clean the washing machine drum, we can do it with white vinegar.Thus, vinegar is an excellent cleaner, eliminates bad odors and ends with bacteria.Thus, just add half a cup of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser and then select a normal washing cycle with a temperature of 30 degrees or more.

If, after cleaning, the appliance is not completely clean, the process can be repeated, but adding a cup of the bleach that is used to wash the clothes.

But if we want even more effective cleaning, we can use vinegar to discourage lime that could have been generated in the washing machine.In the event that there is a lot of lime, it would be advisable to use a specific product.

And finally, after cleaning the drum of the washing machine, it is advisable to put an empty cycle or with old towels to finish rinse.

Rubber and filter

The washer rubber is the place where more dirt accumulates.Therefore, it is recommended that at least once a month be cleaned to prevent the remains from being embedded and even more difficult to remove.

To clean the washing machine's rubber you can follow the steps we recommend from the newspaper in this article.

Then, we advise you to also look at the filter to make sure that dirt has not accumulated there.Likewise, it is recommended that you clean the soap and softener dispensers every 6 months.

Disinfection and avoid bad odors

When the washing machine releases bad odors, it is most likely that it is infected with bacteria that cause the mold -lack of ventilation or little cleaning or maintenance.

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Thus, the war against bad smell is easier than we can think.Nor is it very different from the normal cleaning procedure: