These are the 23 project ‘made in’ ferrolterra that aspire to the aje awards

These are the 23 project ‘made in’ ferrolterra that aspire to the aje awards

Ferrol360 |Thursday 25 November 2021 | 20: 30

Ferrolterra Aje, Eume and Ortegal on Friday delivered their prizes to the young businessman or young businesswoman and the best entrepreneurial initiative in the regions, an award that reaches its seventh edition beating participation records by having received a total of 23 candidates, 15 of themof women and 8 of men.

Those responsible for this twenty projects will meet this Friday at the Castle of San Felipe, where you will know who will be the winners of MBA valued at 20,000 euros that will be courtesy of the Business School of A Coruña.

Likewise, the contest also has the sponsorship of the Xunta de Galicia, the Diputación de A Coruña, the Ferrol Council, the City Council of Narón, Abanca, Gadis, Cándido Hermida and Galicia Aje."Each of the candidacies represents fundamental values in our society," considers the president of the young entrepreneurs of Ferrolterra, Luis G. Rey.

"They are not dragged by the easy or safe, values and profiles that we must applaud and encourage whether we want to achieve a more entrepreneur.

Young businesswoman or entrepreneur

1. Gabriel Torrente, de Abzu: «Introducimos a los puertos en el siglo XXI»

«Our mission is to make the ports closer, transparent and more agile places for international trade.With our solution we offer total confidence to all parts of the port ecosystem.Thanks to Blockchain technology, we contribute more tranquility and well -being for all port workers, saving thousands of hours in repetitive and unrectioned works ».

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2. Carolina Lizandra, de Comer sano mola: «Cuidarte sin notar que haces un esfuerzo; la salud y el sabor juntos»

«We were born almost 3 years ago from Carolina Lizandra, a restaurateur with great interest in healthy cuisine.Here you will find a new food and products model that transforms the word diet into healthy habits for you and your family.Modern products for classic food, at the moment, without waiting and at very competitive prices.Eating healthy Mola originated in the need to acquire this type of products in one place, without having to pay shipping costs or navigating through various websites, in addition to betting on my city for a novel business.

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3. Marta García, de Dando la Nota: «Educamos músicos felices y ofrecemos un aprendizaje divertido porque es un aprendizaje significativo»

«Giving the note is a musical home where students come from 6 months to 84 years.With a method of own creation based on neuroeducation and pedagogues such as Montessori or Reggio Emilia.For both children and adults, the musical study is a fantastic benefit since it maintains and helps create neuronal synapses, encourages coordination and is a communicative element that favors listening, which is so necessary today ».

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4. Iris Cabeza, de Eme Blau: «Busco expresar las cosas que me emocionan a través de mis diseños»

«My feelings and my emotions are much of my being, and my heart asks me to teach them the world in some way because, just like what I feel also removes something from someone.All that tries to express it through jewelery and accessories that I design.I feel very wrapped by my family and friends and Kenzi, my compi of hairy life, that I am sure that now accompanies me and takes care of me from above and I hope to dedicate some design that honors his memory and the love I feel towards himearly".

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5. Rosa María Meizoso, de Filos Crende: «Nos hemos especializado en el afilado y asesoramiento de tijeras de peluquería»

«Although we do all kinds of sharp for different sectors, my 15 years working in my own beauty hall have offered me knowledge, experience and sufficient training to specialize in sharpening, advice and sale of hairdressing scissors.We always bet on quality tools and our own scissors brand have the best steels that currently exist in the market.In As Pontes we also have our own training center where we offer courses focused on the new hairdressing and barbershop cutting trends, for this we have some of the best national trainers that are already ambassadors of our own scissors brand ».

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6. Sara Gascón, de Granja Labrada: «Un lugar único dedicado al turismo ecuestre y eventos ubicado en una aldea en plena naturaleza»

Estos son los 23 proyectos ‘made in’ Ferrolterra que aspiran a los premios de AJE

«Being far from everything to get closer to the important.That is the opportunity that represents the return to rural and is the conductive thread of our project.Labrada farm has unique facilities (accommodation, tavern, a wood cover of 600 m2 and 10 ha of gardens, meadows and fraga).In this incomparable framework we offer experiences of equestrian tourism, accommodation, gastronomic appointments and cultural and leisure events.In addition, space and its inhabitants (horses, chickens, sheep and goats) are available for private events ».

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7. Alicia Santomé, de Happy Bake: «Nuestras mejores materias primas con el cariño, la personalización y la atención al detalle»

«We are a creative pastry worker where we create special sweets for special people.Since April 2019 we also have a point of sale with cafeteria in Narón, where our customers can enjoy a great offer of the best drinks and our pastry daily.We do not work in series or there are industrial processes, we simply make artisan products of very careful elaboration, where each sweet responds to a studied combination of flavors with a certain artistic background ».

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8. Ana María Belén Olmos, de Inversa: «Aplicamos a ética aos negocios financieiros»

«O Noso main obxective é, co -apio das novas technoloxies, apply to ethics to business financial search for alternative economy.For ISO, inverse xestiones resources that meet the needs of Persoas and companies to become a finding point between investors and pemes through the Ou Marketplace platform.We intend to facilitate the spare parties to be connected to meet as needs, both of investment (obter unha maior rendrability), and of financing ».

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9. Ana Vilas, de Lía Custom Guitars: «Nuestras guitarras son nuestra pasión»

«We make totally personalized electric guitars.We design and manufacture by and for the musician, so that he obtains a guitar that suits his tastes and needs as a guitarist, we also have our Siganture models.We create this project with the illusion of living of our passion, guitars and low.Little by little we are making a hole in the market and more and more professional guitarists trust us, such as Luis Tárraga and Ken Hc of the Madrid group Hamlet;Ángel San Juan, of Holy Land;Fernando G. Mon, from Adventus, or Javier Rojas, currently guitarist from Chenoa with several projects of him.We also make restorations, adjustments and modifications of guitars and low ».

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10. Alberto Cinza, de «Te mostramos las ofertas que las tiendas no te cuentan»

«All chollos in the same place allows you to always buy at the best price with a single click the offers that the others do not want to find.We are an online sales platform with prices that you can't find anywhere ».

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11. Alejandro Piñeiro, de MDP Consulting Group: «Pensamos de forma creativa para mejorar la calidad de vida»

«We are a company that works as a laboratory of ideas to promote health, healthy lifestyles and environmental improvement with social application of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) at the service of people, companies, institutions and communities.The best multidisciplinary group for each moment ».

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12. Marta Filgueira, de Re-Xenera Reforzo Educativo: «Intentamos que la educación sea positiva, cercana y ecológica»

«We work so that complementary education is a useful tool for the present of the students and also for the future.We want them to come to classes and learn from a positive and respectful approach.Before opening this center I found mass classes and that in the teaching of reinforcement cannot happen.We have to act in another way: to know what needs each one has to help and be aware that education is due to society.Here the class contents are reinforced, of course, but we try to give it a twist to include ecology and responsible consumption in the classrooms, which is something fundamental ».

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13. Santiago González Fernández, de STGO: «Somos un estudio híbrido de arquitectura, multimedia y tecnología»

«We generate ideas, we produce emotion is the Claim de Stgo, a study that since 2010 develops scalable projects from the fusion of architecture, design and technology.We currently develop global projects to give solutions to both private and multinational clients and industries from various sectors.Our present and future is to maintain a constant R&D and the search and development of own and scalable projects from architecture, engineering, design, real estate promotion and the multimedia environment ».

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Best regional entrepreneurial initiative

14. Eva Cayetana Somolinos, de AcercArte: «¿Quieres saber a qué suenan los cuadros más famosos de la historia?»

«Approaching is the combination of synesthesia, art, music and virtual reality, achieving a unique multisensory experience in the world.I am a musician, graduated by the Professional Conservatory of Music Xan Viaño in the instrumental piano and Viola specialties, student of the degree of art history in addition to the composer and I have the gift of synesthesia, for me the world is color and music, that is whyI am able to musicalize works of art.I offer a concert-exposure full of sensations, beyond the great museums: live, agile, close and in schools, municipalities, hospitals ... I am currently developing to you in virtual reality, creating an exhibition hall to take it beyond, especially toPeople who cannot access the concert for mobility reasons.The culture of art and therapy must be able to work together to carry one more way of treating those people who by their condition cannot access it ».

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15. Alberto Hermida, de ADS : «Somos punteros en tecnología y en la retención de talento»

«We offer a comprehensive service in the IT market, where we start with the development of software, web pages, CRM, ERP’s, etc.We integrate all this through our customers and the data networks that we install in the different existing technologies.In addition, to give a complete solution we include electrical installations.As to be able to undertake all these solutions we need to have the best technicians, we have implemented since the birth of the company the 4 -day day to achieve greater performance and greater talent retention.ADS S would not be possible without the involvement of each of the members of the management or the multidisciplinary team of it ».

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16. Marcos Souto, de Blade-Hats: «Hacemos sombreros artesanales con los mejores materiales de la naturaleza»

«We are a brand of craft hats created by a Galician father and son and create hats inspired by songs, artists or groups that have influenced us.In each hat a story or a memory is hidden, which makes each model unique and special.The creation process is totally handmade.In addition, we build our own tools to be able to make a unique and different product, and we work with the best materials that can be found in nature ».

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17. Alicia Gª Cabezón, matrona del Centro Cala: «Cuidamos la salud sexual y reproductiva de las mujeres en todas las etapas de su vida»

«The center is born to the feeling of abandonment that many women (pregnant or not) have had during the pandemic.He intends to dedicate to each woman the time she really needs, without haste or bureaucracy, and create a space that transmits trust and support.

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18. Yoel Padín, de Desexos: «Porque llevar una talla grande no significa no tener estilo»

«Thus, our desixos motto rises by flag.An establishment for large -sized women located in Ferrol, which arises in order to meet a real demand.We offer youthful and away from the classic, covering sizes between 46 and 70. We work with national products, specifically with three Catalan firms and a Galician, and with 100 % cotton products.We cover a price range that ranges between 20 and 120 euros ».

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19. Eloy Ameneiros, de Galifreixós: «Con nuestra empresa tratamos de dar a conocer los productos gallegos»

«Our motto is And why not?If those of France consume the crepes all year why in Galicia having a dessert as typical Galician as the Freixós are not going to be able to eat all year.Right now our product is sold in many Ferrol and Region establishments and even Coruña.We also want to send them to other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, so that they can know this typical Dulce de Galicia.Right now we offer them with and without sugar and they are all lactose.Later we plan to offer them suitable for more intolerances such as gluten ».

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20. Giovanna Sánchez, de Giovanna Sánchez Arquitectura: «Priorizamos la satisfacción del cliente consiguiendo los resultados esperados en el tiempo pactado»

«It is an architecture study that is born on three pillars: adapt to the client's budget, fulfill established deadlines and, above all, offer personalized attention.We have a wide team with professional experience, which allows to offer a varied catalog of services ».

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21. Isabel Picos, de Isabel Works: «Creamos prendas de gran calidad realizadas en España»

«Isabel Works is an online trade whose objective has always been the realization of textile designs with the highest possible quality escaping the fast-fashion and betting on quality instead of quantity.Among our garments is bath fashion, sportswear, lingerie and accessories.All of them manufactured in Spain and paying great attention to details, focused on our ideal: elegance, trust and femininity ».

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22. Ana Ocampo, de A Lavandeira do Camiño: «Una lavandería autoservicio diferente, donde cuidamos nuestro planeta de forma eficiente»

«We offer a laundry self -service that takes care of the environment thanks to our washing machines and dryers that work efficiently.Regardless of the capacity of the machine, they consume only the electricity, water and products necessary for the amount of clothing that is introduced into the drum.Likewise, the programs are short and effective ensuring the cleanliness, disinfection and care of garments.We will have a waiting area with a snack vending machine, a coffee machine and, as a small novelty, we will have available to customers an expendator machine for basic personal hygiene products, where you can also find products for home cleaning.We intend that all these articles be ecological and from a proximity market ».

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23. Raquel García, de 7 más 1 Educación: «Priorizamos las técnicas de estudio y las emociones a las asignaturas»

«In our pedagogy and education academy they go hand in hand.We take care and enhance the talents of our students based on multiple intelligences, adapting to the way of learning of each one;including such important aspects today as academic orientation, study techniques, time optimization or the development of their own learning method ».

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Good luck to all the candidacies and thank you very much for having opted for Ferrolterra, Eume and Ortegal with your entrepreneurship!