The trick to clean and leave the stainless steel of the kitchen and bathroom impeccable

And these two stays in particular are the cleanest ones to have.On the one hand, because they are the greatest sources of germs and bacteria.And on the other, specifically the kitchen, because in the end the foods that are prepared there they will end within the organism, so it is essential to have it very clean and disinfected.

The stainless steel is, for example, in the taps, shower command, some elements such as shelves or towelters, the support of the toilet paper, in the extractor bell, the oven, the fridge or the dishwasher.Some are more likely to accumulate lime and others, fat, but all of them must be properly cleaned and shine.

The trick

It is not necessary to resort to chemicals so that they are impeccable, since with the traditional cleaning products the desired effect will be achieved.Those who have always been at home and that have passed from generation to generation since their effectiveness is maximum and, in addition, are very economical.

The trick para limpiar y dejar impecable el acero inoxidable de la cocina y el baño

The great ally once again is the white cleaning vinegar, a product that can be found in a very cheap and easy way in any supermarket or specialized cleaning store.To use it properly, you have to put the same amount of vinegar in a spray as water and sprinkle through the areas to clean.

After letting it act for a few minutes, pass a microfiber cloth to discourage dirt, fat or lime and, finally, dry everything with a cloth.Only one advice, if you use a cloth for bath.

And another method that you can follow is a bit more complex, but products that we all have at home are also used.Two tablespoons of cornstarch are needed, one of sodium bicarbonate (another home cleaning killers), three tablespoons of olive oil, water and liquid water washing..You have to be a rather thick mixture, but it is not used directly on the surfaces, but it must be first on a sponge and then rub.When you finish, it passes a moist and dry moist cloth with a cloth.