The super natural degreaser that will leave your shining dishes

This is the cleaning vinegar.The ideal is to put it in the dishwasher part of the polishing.In this way it will not be a substitute for the soap that you usually use in this appliance but will contribute to your dishes presenting the best aspects even though dozens of washing.No matter the years that the dishes go through hundreds of meals or dozens of parties.According to cleaning experts with this simple trick they will always look like new.You just need to try it at home to see if it also works for you like the rest.(Here are five cleaning tricks for those who hate cleaning).

This type of product that you can find in any drugstore is also recommended for the maintenance of the dishes.Surely you are one of those who have at home some "good" dishes that you want to keep for many years.However, the passage of time is making marches that are increasingly difficult to remove.Cleaning experts say that with cleaning vinegar you will surprise yourself.

How to clean and unbridled the dishwasher

El súper desengrasante natural que dejará tus platos relucientes

To keep our dishwasher we can use bicarbonate in two different ways.The first one, with the help of a wet sponge, sprinkles the parts of the appliance that we want to clean, then we can rinse it with the help of another sponge or we can be able to underway our dishwasher so that he clarifies himself.Another of the options we have is to replace the detergent tablet with a tablespoon of bicarbonate to act as our usual cleaner would.

We also have the option to wash all our dishes and covered with the help of bicarbonate in the two described ways previously.Or we do it by hand, or we can use the product inside the dishwasher using a short wash cycle at a maximum temperature, so we will achieve the best of the results.

For pots and pans we can also use bicarbonate.For this we have to soak the belongings in warm water and add a little detergent if we want to multiply clean.We can also use a cloth or sponge to avoid scratches in these kitchen utensils.