The emergency light will replace the triangles Mobility

A measure to prevent accidents

Until now, drivers had to carry 2 warning triangles in their vehicles that they had to place on the road some 50 meters from the vehicle that had been immobilized due to a breakdown.

These signs, although very useful, have a problem: you have to get out of the car to place them, with the risk of being run over.

In 2018, 149 pedestrians were run over on interurban roads, most of them when they were walking on the shoulder.

Warn without getting out of the car

Now, there is another system to launch this warning of danger: it is a light that can be placed on the car without having to get out, just by rolling down the window and stretch out arm

Emergency light will replace triangles Mobility

It is the V-16 approved light signal. It is a yellow light that throws intermittent flashes that are visible in a 360º radius.

The yellow light is placed in a click

V-16 light mandatory from 2026

This lighting device has been approved in Royal Decree 159/2021, of 16 March, which regulates assistance services on public roads and will be mandatory as of January 1, 2026. The V16 device must communicate its activation or deactivation and its positioning to the traffic authorities, in order to have these knowledge of where the immobilization has occurred

For now, the V-16 lights can be used as a complement to the warning triangles, which are still mandatory.

The price of these devices varies between 20 and 30 euros. It is important to purchase only approved products.

Drive safely with good tires

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