The director Fernando Trueba will receive the City of Huelva award in the 47th edition of the Festival | - Huelva Economic and Business Information

The Ibero -American Film Festival of Huelva, which will hold its 47th edition between November 12 and 19, will deliver the Ciudad de Huelva Award to the director Fernando Trueba, one of the big names of Spanish cinematography.

In this way, the Ibero -American delivers its highest honorary distinction to one of the great figures of the film industry in Spain."A filmmaker with a varied and quality filmography, very diverse, a director who has worked in many different formats, fiction, documentary or animation, to tell their stories," in the words of Manuel H.Martín, director of the Huelva Festival.

Fernando Trueba is a recognized filmmaker in our country with a multitude of awards, such as the National Cinematography Award (2015). Cuenta con más de 30 títulos como director, entre ellos ‘Belle Époque’, con la que ganó el Oscar a la Mejor Película de Habla No Inglesa; ‘La niña de tus ojos’, ganadora de siete Premios Goya; ‘Chico & Rita’, Premio del Cine Europeo a la Mejor Película de Animación; o la reciente ‘El olvido que seremos’, con cinco Premios Platino.In total, his films have added 69 nominations for the Goya and their protagonists and technicians have risen to receive the prize on 32 occasions.

"Talking about Fernando Trueba is doing a great filmmaker from our country, so for the festival it is an immense honor to be able to deliver our city of Huelva to a director of his career," said the director of the Huelva contest.

Martín stressed that the 47th edition of the Festival will be the return to the face -to -face, to the movie theaters and the big screen."We celebrate the return to face -to -face and what better than to do it with a city of Huelva to a honoree as Fernando Trueba".

El director Fernando Trueba recibirá el Premio Ciudad de Huelva en la 47 edición del Festival | - Información económica y empresarial de Huelva

Fernando Trueba (Madrid, 1955) debuted in 1980 with ‘Opera Prima’ (1980), which renewed the Spanish comedy and was awarded at the Venice and Chicago festivals and had a great box office success.It was the beginning of a long career full of successes and recognition.With ‘The Year of Lights’ (1986) wins the silver bear at the Berlin Festival and the first of the numerous Goya awards with which the Spanish Film Academy has recognized him in all this time.

In 1989 it surprises with a psychological thriller in English, ‘The Mad Monkey’ (1989), which obtains 5 Goya awards, including the best film, best director and best script.It is in 1992 when he received the Oscar for the best non -English speech film with 'Belle Époque' (1992), which also obtains the BAFTA and 9 Goya awards, including best film, best director, best script, best actress and best actor andSecondary actress.

‘The girl of your eyes’ (1998) is again a great success and the great winner of the Goya Awards of that year with seven awards, including best film, best actress and best secondary actor.

With ‘Calle 54’ (2000) he manages to unite his two passions, cinema and music, in a tribute to the Latin jazz teachers who, in addition to Goya for the best documentary, get the best film award from the USA Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Jazz Association.

‘The spell of Shanghai’ (2002) receives three Goya awards, and ‘The miracle of Candeal’ (2004), those of best documentary and best song.In it, cinema and music come together again to portray the social work of a community of Salvador de Bahía (Brazil).

Su siguiente aventura, ‘Chico & Rita’ (2010), su primera película de animación en colaboración con Javier Mariscal, de nuevo le lleva hasta los premios de la Academia de Hollywood, siendo la primera película española nominada al Oscar como Mejor Película de Animación, una cinta que recibió también el de Mejor Película Europea de Animación en los European Film Awards y el Goya a la Mejor Película de Animación española,entre otros muchos.

With ‘The artist and the model’ (2011), prize for the best director at the San Sebastián Festival, enters the mysteries of art and creation and brings together two cinema legends, Jean Rochefort and Claudia Cardinale.

‘The Queen of Spain’ (2016), sequel to ‘La Niña de your eyes’ (1998) was presented in the official section of the Berlin Festival.

His latest film to date is ‘The forgetfulness that we will be’ (2020), Goya Award for the best Spanish -speaking foreign film and with five Platinum awards, including the best Ibero -American film.

The music, his other great passion, has been occupying a growing prominence in his cinema and, from '54th Street', has developed a parallel race as a music producer, associated with artists such as the legendary pianist and composer CubanValdés, the guitarist Niño Josele, the star singer Morente, or the rumbero Pedrito Martínez, among others...

The album ‘Black Tears’, where he joined Bebo Valdés with Diego ‘El Cigala’, was a worldwide success that American criticism described as “An Instant Classic”.

En la banda sonora de ‘Chico & Rita’, tal vez su trabajo más complejo como productor musical, contó con grandes de la música cubana, norteamericana y española como Bebo Valdés, Jimmy Heath, Estrella Morente, Freddy Cole, etc...

His productions have been recognized internationally with three Grammy Awards, for ‘The art of flavor’ (2000), ‘Bebe de Cuba’ (2004), ‘Together forever’ (2008).In addition, he has received six Latin Grammy for 'The art of flavor' (2000), 'Black tears' (2002), 'Cuba de Cuba' (2004), 'Bebe' (2005) and 'Together forever' (2008) (2008)and 'Black and White' (2003), the latter in the category of Best Farming Musical Video.