The best steam vacuum cleaners to clean and disinfect all corners of the home

The best steam vacuum cleaners to clean and disinfect all corners of the home

Our expert has chosen the broom with Vaporetto Steam Sv440 Double as the best of the four steam vacuum cleaners analyzed by how comfortable it results when using it and its versatility to clean different surfaces.

House tasks are so many that, sometimes, one has the feeling that he lacks time to complete them successfully.Luckily, appliances are increasingly advanced and facilitate this work.This is the case of steam vacuum cleaners, which are characterized by eliminating in a very high percentage of the bacteria that are piled up in dirt and dust the sofay other surfaces that, in sight, are imperceptible.

These steam vacuum models incorporate a deposit where water must.Once this begins to leave, just proceed to clean the dirty zone.Some models also work as a common vacuum cleaner only that instead of using bags integrate another box in which all the dirt that the device is accumulated.

What are the best steam vacuum cleaners

Four steam vacuum models have been selected. Son los siguientes: Bissell 1977N (8,5), Cecotec Conga Steam&Clean 4 en 1 (7,75), Kärcher SC 2 EasyFix (8,5) y Polti Vaporetto SV440 Double (8,75).

They have received a final average assessment from the analysis of different criteria such as those indicated below:

- Design: not so much for an aesthetic issue, but for its management, comfort of use and freedom of movements.

- Construction: What finishes does the steam vacuum cleaner and its materials offer.Can your high resistance and durability be guaranteed?

- PERFORMANCE AND CLEANING: How does the vacuum cleaner on the different use surfaces?It has also been valued, from this criterion, the suction power they offer and the final result once the cleanliness and disinfection has concluded.

What vacuum cleaner with water vapor: comparative of steam vacuum cleaners

These four steam vacuners have been tested over several weeks, always taking into account the surfaces with which they can be used.Thus, we have verified its manageability and operation.Also how they yield and how effective they can be once our tasks have completed.In this regard, it should be said that the steam vacuum model Kärcher SC 2 Easyfix is different from the rest because it serves exclusively as a manual steam cleaners while its opponents offer more versatile use as you will check now.

The steam broom polttoetto SV440 Double has achieved the highest score.Its economic price does not prevent you from offering a good experience of use and, in addition, it can be used not only to clean different types of soil but other surfaces thanks to the accompanying accessories.

Steam broom Vaporetto Sv440 Double

The cheapest steam vacuum option from the comparison has obtained the highest score.In this sense, the model, which combines the functions of steam cleaner and broom, is especially versatile if we take into account the numerous surfaces on which it can be used.We have especially focused on parquet and faucet soils, but it is also possible to use it with carpets, doors, joints, mirrors and crystals, among other examples.Incorpo, for this, different supplements (up to 11) that facilitate its use in all these situations.

Data sheet

Las mejores aspiradoras con vapor para limpiar y desinfectar todos los rincones del hogar

- Power: 1.500 watts

- Heating time: 15 seconds

- Deposit capacity: 0.3 liters.Removable.

- Multi surfaces: for parquet soil, tiles, marble, carpets and cakes, hob, bell, taps, sanitary, joints, crystals and mirrors, upholstered (sofas, armchairs, pillows and mattresses), closet doors and doors, heating, curtainsand clothing, plants

- Accessories: Washable microfiber cloth, carpet and cachot accessory, cover, crystal accessory, spear + accessory 120, for joints, flexible hose, accessory for small joints and short brushes with nylon bristles with nylon bristles.Large steam brush

- Dimensions: 1.120 x 320 x 200 mm

- Weight: 2.4 kg

- Action radio: 7.5 meters

- Others: Anti-Cal filter, eliminates 99.99% bacteria, viruses and germs.Fresh Dispenser Integrated in the brush.

With a power of 1.500 watts, posee un diseño compacto (1120 x 200 x 320 mm) y práctico que le permite desenvolverse cómodamente y cumplir con su cometido.In addition, its 2.4 kg of weight facilitate this use even more if we compare this weighing with the Bissell and Cecotec models.Share with them, next to Kärcher's steam, the possibility of regulating steam exit through controls incorporated into the handle.

With regard to its construction and finishes, the machine leaves good impressions;Special mention to its large steam brush that provides a large steam exit surface for greater reach.The only point to improve is that the capacity of its removable deposit is only 0.3 liters, so if we are doing a very deep clean Cleaning.

Our choice

Heating time is very fast: in just 15 seconds, it is ready to be used.A light indicator informs about it.

Buy for € 69.99 at Amazon

- The best: comfort of use and good performance given its price.

- The worst: the capacity of your 0.3 liter deposit is small.

- Conclusions: This proposal is very versatile thanks to the numerous accessories it includes, providing good results when performing its function.In addition, he is very comfortable to use given his slight weight.

Bissell 1977n steam vacuum

Its size is compact (1168 x 280 x 250 mm), but its weight has comfort when using it.Meanwhile, the cable that connects it to the electric current is quite long.In this first contact, it can also be seen that the appliance presents a good finish and construction.The controls for their handling are in the handle and, as very few, you immediately get used to.

With a power of 1.600 watts, its performance significantly improves if we first use its function as a vacuum and then apply steam (softer or stronger) on the surface to be treated.It is convenient to spend time to obtain the expected results;It will be worth it, especially if you have never used a vacuum cleaner of this type.

The water tank, with capacity for 0.4 liters, is located in the rear and has been provided with a filter that suppresses any type of impurity.Likewise, to activate the steam function and the water reaches the necessary temperature, just 40 seconds, time approaching the 30 seconds that its manufacturer promises.Being a cyclonic vacuum cleaner, dirt accumulates in a 0.95 -liter container located in the front (on one of its sides it incorporates a button that releases the garbage without dirtying our hands).

The alternative

It can be used with different surfaces (wood, hard floor, park ...) and comes with two mops.Depending on the characteristics of the soil we will use one or the other.

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Steam vacuum kärcher sc 2 easyfix

Its design is completely different from that of its competitors.It is not the classic vertical vacuum cleaner that in addition to aspiring clean soils and introduces a function that allows you to apply steam on the surface that is cleaned.We are facing a versatile steam cleaners suitable not only for soils, but also other surfaces such as tiles, windows, countertops, taps ... Hence, it comes with different accessories such as a manual nozzle, another concentrated jet, a specific floor or a brushround.Its extension tube has dimensions of 2 x 0.5 meters.

It is handled very comfortable: you can move and move freely while using it and its ASA practice allows you to transport it from one place to another without problems (its 2.9 kg of weight also contributes).Unlike the rest of the analyzed models, the water heating time is higher (around six minutes): once reached, we can regulate the steam thanks to its two levels of use.Our decision will depend on the chosen surface and whether the accumulated dirt is little or a lot.The water tank capacity is a liter. With a power of 1.500 watts y una presión de 3,2 bares, proporciona buenos resultados.

The best value for money

To reinforce security while using a system similar to a valve that prevents the opening of the boiler where water is deposited.

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Aspirador con vapor Cecotec Conga Steam&Clean 4 en 1

Viene con unas mopas de microfibra lavables y es posible elegir entre varios modos de funcionamiento, según el uso que queramos darle: barrer y aspirar (modo Clean), pasar la mopa y fregar (modo Steam) o una combinación de ambos (modo Steam&Clean).It also gives the option of selecting to expel more or less steam (eco and turbo levels) depending on soil dirt.This four vacuum cleaner stands out because, thanks to its Fast Steam technology, the time you have to wait for the steam to be ready ’to apply is less than 30 seconds.On the other hand, the design of the container where water is deposited is slightly improvable because sometimes it loses a little without apparent reason;And that the rest of the structure presents a good construction and finishes.

Meanwhile, the base has a design that we liked in a special way (it is wide and with a triangular finishing finish): although at the beginning it reaches the most difficult corners it is a bit more complicated than one would like, it is a matterto take the trick.It incorporates a deposit where all the dirt that we collect with capacity for 1.2 liters accumulates.That has been provided with a HEPA filter is another characteristic in its favor.

Another economic option

The experience of use is correct, although it is preferable to apply the Clean mode first and then the Steam if we want to achieve a satisfactory result.Although it reaches a power of 1.550 watts, sometimes this is a bit fair.

Buy for € 119 at Amazon

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