The best home appliances to buy these Magi

The best home appliances to buy these Magi

You are still in time to take advantage of the best products for your Amazon house.Do not lose detail of the options offered by Krups, Cecotec or Rowenta, among other manufacturers.If you need a vacuum at home, or any other home appliance, do not lose detail of the following proposals.

Express Krups EA8108 coffee maker, the best value for money for an automatic coffee maker

This Krups appliance is one of the cheapest in its range of coffee makers, but not renounces quality and good benefits.It is an automatic coffee maker with 15 pressure bars and three levels of coffee intensity.It is also equipped with a regulator to measure the amount and automatic steam function to heat water, milk or prepare infusions.

Krups incorporates for this device the compact patented system thermal block (CTS), which guarantees that all the coffees come out thanks to the ultra -trunk heating of the water.On the other hand, the coffee maker reduces calcification to gain in durability.

It is an easy -to -clean device, with integrated grinder, which offers intuitive management and has a capacity for 1.7 liters.The equipment is reinforced with the cleaning kit.It is a very compact appliance, perfect for reduced dimensions with a very low noise level.The best, the value for money, because it offers high performance with a cost that does not reach 280 euros for this coffee maker.


Cecotec Conga 1990 Connected, a versatile and quality multifunction vacuum cleaner

If it is not a coffee maker what you are looking for, but you are more interested in offers in Robot aspirator, the Cecotec Conga 1990 Connected is your device.It is the basic aspirator robot of this firm, but it is not less versatile and functional.

You can find it for sale at Amazon for 129 euros, with access to the Cecotec app and connectable to Alexa and Google Home.The aspiring robot is multifunction, as sweeps, aspires, pass the mop and beer.In this last task it includes three scrubbing modes, and for cleaning, six modes.All this to adapt to all types of surfaces.It is also programmable 24 hours.

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Conga 1990 Connected includes itech smart 2 technology.0 that makes the robot automatically return to its load base when it detects clean surfaces.The autonomy is 160 minutes, with a sufficient suction power and the addition of including pet hair brush.Its noise level is minimal and the design of the device is very elegant, with a very modern aesthetic.


Cecotec Robot Conga 8090 Ultra, a high -end device to always keep the housing unpolluted

One more step in innovation is the one offered by Cecotec is its 8090 ultra Conga.This high -end appliance, gets a perfect floor aspirate and an unbeatable scrub thanks to its mop capable of discourageing spots with its vibration movement.

The device is compatible with the Conga Hom 10,000 Highway Base.It is a vacuuming robot 4 in 1 that aspires, passes the mopa, Friega and Barre.It has three levels of intelligent scrubbage and offers a suction power of 10,000 pascals.

The presence of Virtual MAP detects the surfaces to be cleaned from the Smartphone app.It is a robot equipped with the latest technological novelties and intelligent navigation that offers ten cleaning programs, including hard soil options and carpets.Its current price at Amazon is 499 euros.


Rowenta Turbosteam VR8322, Professional results for a domestic ironing center

A third group of appliances that incorporate technological improvements are plates and ironing centers.In this area, Rowenta offers very advanced models, one of them is the turbosteam VR8322, which you can currently find as an supply in Amazon Iron.

Its current cost is 109 euros, presenting a very high value for money.The device is made up of a 6.5 bars pressure pump that ensure rapid and efficient results, a 1.7 -liter water tank to guarantee uninterrupted ironing sessions and a power of 2600 watts.

The steam blow is 370 g/min, with continuous steam of 120 g/min to deal with the most rebellious wrinkles.The ironing center has a high quality Microsteam 400 sole.In addition, it is very precise and incorporates an echo mode to save up to 25 % energy.


H-Free 100 HF122RH Blood Aspirator, High Efficacy and Autonomy by Hoover

Although vacuum robots have become a trend in recent years and are flooding thousands of homes, many people continue to prefer, or complement, this practice with the use of broom vacuum cleaners.

We reach devices such as H-FREE 100 HF122RH of Hoover, an ideal vertical vacuum cleaner to clean all types of surfaces.This device leaves unpolluted soils of all kinds.It has a 0.9 -liter deposit, possibilities of use of 40 minutes continued, removable load battery and accessories on board.

The suction power is 6500 pascals, with LED lights on the brush to improve visibility and detect maximum dirt.An interesting interesting point of this device is the inclusion of two accessories, the integrated nozzle to clean more delicate surfaces and another specific corner nozzle.In this way, the broom vacuum becomes a hand vacuum cleaner.The Amazon price of this device is 89 euros.


Levoit air purifier, breathes clean environments in interior spaces

The last proposal for supply devices at Black Friday is not an appliance to use, but an air purifier.With pandemia we are more aware of the prevailing need to habit more pure and healthy environments.

With Levoit this goal is achieved.It is a 187 m³/h cadr device, which effectively renews the air of interior spaces in 30 minutes for rooms of 40 square meters.It is certified as an effective apparatus capable of eliminating almost all mites, dust, pollen, hair and pet caspas thanks to its H13 H13 filter and the activated carbon filter.

In turn, Levoit enhances the functions of purifier with Vortexair technology, which pressurizes air to accelerate air renewal.This device is easy to use, safe, programmable and very silent.The best formula to get a clean air at home, and all this at a price of about 90 euros at Amazon.


If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, or a coffee maker, or a ironing center, do not hesitate, take advantage of the latest Black Fridayon promotions on Amazon.With these proposals you will not only save money, but you will make your home tasks less tedious.