The best capsules coffee makers, espresso or drip to celebrate the International Coffee Day

The best capsules coffee makers, espresso or drip to celebrate the International Coffee Day

If you get up early or if you do not sleep enough, your relationship with coffee may be more necessary than pleasure.However, for many, it is a relax moment to enjoy daily.You are the first group or the second, today, October 1, the International Coffee Day is celebrated.If the date does not sound to you, it is because its commemoration is recent (it was established only six years ago).

It is a day promoted by the ICO (International Coffee Organization, for its acronym in English) and was put in the calendar as a tribute to women and men who participate in all stages of the coffee process: collection, washing, drying, drying,classification, tu a tasting and...Enjoy, of course.

According to data from the organization itself, more than 3 are consumed every day.000 million coffee cups worldwide.The United States is the country that consumes the most (54% of its citizens) and Brazil is the leading country in production, with 30% of the world harvest.

If you are an absolute coffee fan, you may know, but there are two great types: the Arabica (it represents three quarters of world production, it is balanced, aromatic and with a pleasant acidity) and the robust species (with a flavormore intense, more caffeine and more acidity).

The machine you choose to make coffee is also important, since there are many variables at stake: the way to prepare coffee, aroma and taste that you get, the waiting time, the way to clean it, its price, the space thatoccupies...Next, we show you the types of coffee makers you can find and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Capsules coffee makers

The invention of coffee in capsules refers to the beginning of the last century in Italy, when Luigi Bezzera added steam to his coffee maker, since he desperately desperately prepared in preparing a coffee every morning.Thus invented the espresso, a term that means quickly in Italian.However, the final step arrived with Eric Favre, an engineer who began working in Nestlé in 1975.Instant coffee was then fashionable and espresso machines were difficult to drive, so the taste of coffee that was obtained constantly changed.

Favre found a solution: to extract all the flavor and aroma of coffee should introduce the maximum air into the water, before it came into contact with coffee.The following was to get a formula that allowed to replicate the process, in a simple way and with the same result and thus the capsules coffee emerged in 1986 with the Nespresso brand as a pioneer, because over time it has contributed to greatly change theway of drinking coffee.

Compact, Excellent and SUV

Are you looking for a compact coffee maker, which does not occupy much site in the kitchen, for normal use, at a good price and that allows you to make a variety of drinks?Well, the bosch tas1402 tassimo vivy 2 is for you, because it meets these requirements.The water tank allows about four cups, it is filled in a second and is cleaned fast.As for the capsules, it does not accept white marks, but the tassimo monodysis are available in any supermarket and via web can be purchased from coffees, but also from tea and chocolate.

This coffee maker has a legion of followers who, for the most part, indicate that the difference between this model and others of the highest range of the same brand lies only to the speed of preparation and the capacity of the water tank.It is an excellent coffee maker and its very good value for money.

Buy it here for 28 euros.

The 'rare avis' of double pipe

The first thing that highlights in this Philips L'Or lm8012/60 barista model is the double pipe design, so you can prepare two coffees at the same time and the base can change height to wear large vessels.The capsules can be for one or two glasses, as it admits XL capsules, in fact there are those who opt for this coffee maker to use double capsules and not have to use two in the cafe with morning milk.

This model has a foamer from the side, which gives creaminess to milk, allows you to create all kinds of combinations and can be used both with cold milk and to heat it.This device is compatible with monodosis l'Or espresso and l'Or Barista, as well as with Nespresso brand capsules.

Buy it here for 99 euros.

Postmodern penguin for excellent daily coffee

Postmodern penguin -shaped and more than 2.000 Valuations at Amazon The de'lonchi Dolce Taste is a classic among capsule models.In fact, users point out that more than a monodysis coffee maker is a multipared machine, because it allows me to prepare both coffees and cocoa and teas.

Easy to use, clean and fast offers very hot drinks, which not all coffee makers get.It works with Dolce Taste capsules, but admits others of other cheaper brands, which can be obtained in stores and large surfaces easily.As if all that were not enough, it is now lowered almost 23 euros compared to its usual price.

Las mejores cafeteras de cápsulas, espresso o de goteo para celebrar el Día Internacional del Café

Buy it here for 99 euros.

Design and flavor, united

It is true that there are more complete models, but also more expensive and with this Krups Dolce Taste Oblo KP1108 a good coffee is obtained in a compact size machine, with an acceptable amount of the water tank and a finish and design that are visible.It can be missing that it is not automatic and stop alone at the end of coffee.

This coffee maker uses an intelligent capsules system, which manages to take advantage of the entire potential of the Nescafé Dolce taste machines, guaranteeing the perfect pressure for each drink.They are hermetic capsules that retain all the freshness and taste of the best grains, although a whole range of compatible capsules can be used in the machine, for sale in any supermarket.

Buy it here for 61 euros.

The most compact of Krups

With the Essenza Mini model, Nespresso has launched its most compact machine to date.The coffee maker offers two programmable cup sizes and is intuitive and easy to use, allowing to prepare a perfect coffee like each one likes.It is a surprisingly small device, which provides extraordinary coffee in a few minutes, thanks to its high pressure pump and a fast heating system.

Among the greatest advantages is the speed of warming time, because it only needs 25 seconds to prepare some exceptional drinks.In addition, energy savings are also possible, thanks to its advanced technology, since this mode is automatically activated after three minutes.It also has an automatic off function after a period of nine minutes.

Buy it here for 88.90 euros.


Prepare for another concept in design coffee makers with the eclipse of De'lonchi.This machine is automatic and presents an innovative circular structure and opening mechanism that challenges the conventional, because when pressing a button it opens to close later, reaching the shape of a curious ring.

Discover its sophisticated functionality thanks to a touch head with which drinks can be prepared with just one touch, thus creating the best coffees and drinks with the nescafé dolce taste capsules.Beyond the spectacular design, the operation is like that of another coffee maker.

Buy it here for 169 euros.

Black leg, but only faithful to capsules

Although by appointing the Biatetti brand, the first thing that comes to the head is an Italian cafetier or Moka, the model we present is electric and works only with the capsules of the same brand, with which tea, infusions and other can also be madesoluble drinks.

The taste of coffee of this house is taken for granted and in terms of design is a compact and practical device, with a depth of less than 27 centimeters to adapt to any type of kitchen.The model has a removable cup support capable of hosting even a cup of capuchino, of larger.Bialetti capsules are available on Amazon.

Buy it here for 49.49 euros.

Great capacity and option to paper capsules

Senso is the commercial name of a system for the preparation of coffee produced by the Dutch company Philips and by Douwe Egberts, society of the American group Sara Lee.The main characteristic that has contributed to its success is its ease of use, its competitive cost, both of the machine and the capsules, as well as its patented foam production system.

It is compatible with a variety of capsules, including some very popular sales in large surfaces and, of course, have the option of using those of the brand, which are made of paper, in the style of round bags of te, with whichThey are more ecological than other modalities in the market.

Buy it here for 114.80 euros.

Take it on, with drums and loadable in the car

This portable electric cafeter.The device works with a rechargeable lithium battery and can heat water up to 90 degrees and coffee to a maximum of 65 degrees.

The current adapter can only be used to load the batteries and it is not recommended to use the machine when it is connected to a power outlet.It can also be recharged in the car and for many coffee growers it is the perfect complement when outdoor actions, such as cycling, hiking, climbing, campsite, fishing or hunting, among others, among others.

Buy it here for 98.99 euros.

Filter or drip

Its operation is simple.The water is poured into a tank that is placed in the upper part and heats up with a built -in heating device.Hot water drips through a filter full of ground coffee and falls into a container at the bottom.In addition, most contains a plaque that keeps hot coffee for a longer time.Perfect for those Sunday breakfast with family.

Coffee ready at the time you want

This Cecotec drip coffee maker is a Amazon's Choice and is clear why.Not only is it a thing of its affordable price.It is programmable and prepares coffee automatically at the desired time.It has extremearome technology, stainless steel finishes and backlit LCD screen.Its jug is made of glass and thermorestores, with an antigoteh nozzle so that there are no leaks.Its capacity, 1.5 liters for 12 cups of coffee.

If you have no coffee, do not worry, because you have an option to reheat and another that keeps hot coffee the time you want.Its autoclean function helps to clean the machine and improves the processes of decalcification and self -inaugado function, which disconnects the coffee maker when it has finished preparing coffee.

Its filter is permanent and can be removed and clean.It also allows you to use paper filters and has a window tank that allows you to control the water level at all times.In addition, it includes a dosing teaspoon to help you prepare and calculate the amount of coffee.

Buy it here for 32.90 euros.

For 15 cups

This Russell Hobbs coffee machine has a capacity of 1.25 liters, which gives for 10 large or 15 cups.Its Whirltech technology is responsible for extracting the entire essence of coffee, achieving an excellent flavor.It has 24 -hour programmable timer, digital control and LCD screen, in addition to a pause function to serve and keep heat for 40 minutes.

It also has a heating plate, a removable filter support and an indicator of the water level.It also includes a measuring spoon.

Buy it here for 36 euros and take advantage of your 20% discount.

With reusable filter

This coffee maker also has a programmable timer and a LED screen with touch buttons.Its glass container is very heat resistant and gives for about 12 cups (1.5 liters capacity).With reusable and removable filter for easy cleaning, you can get in the dishwasher.

It has extreme aroma technology, which implies that the taste can be adjusted from light to soft or strong.With the antigoteing device, coffee does not drip when the jug is removed.The coffee machine has a thermal insulation function, and once the preparation is completed, the coffee can be maintained at an adequate temperature.

Buy it here for 35.99 euros.

Simple but effective

No complications: simple, effective and very economical.This drip coffee maker of the Taurus brand has a 600 ml jar with an antigote.Stop coffee preparation if it detects that the container is not and the filter can be reused as many times as you want, because it is permanent.Of course, you have to clean it, something simple because it is removable.

Thanks to the heating plate El Café will remain hot for a while after the preparation, so you can always enjoy it at its point.It also has an automatic shutdown to reduce electricity consumption (it turns off at 40 minutes).Its design is very elegant and will fit in any corner of your kitchen.You also have it larger, with some more power and capacity for 12 cups.

You can buy it here for 23.53 euros.

With grain grinder

Yes, as you read, you have to grind coffee on the spot.It also has a timer function, so you will have fresh coffee at the time you want.With LCD antigoteing and screen system, heating time is also programmable.It has a decalcification program, scaling indicator, water hardness adjustment, porks, grain tank and a mill head.All suitable for the dishwasher.

You can buy it here for 158.39 euros and take advantage of its 7% discount.

Espresso coffee machines

If you like strong and intense coffee, an espresso coffee machine will be your best option.The first thing you have to do is heat the water at a temperature around 90ºC (without boiling, since it will ruin the coffee giving it a bitter taste).Coffee occurs when the high pressure of the hot water force crosses ground coffee and filters.

The result is a thick infusion that captures the essence of coffee grain.Thus, they are the most complex in the market, but they provide the most personalized coffee and therefore are ideal for the most purists.There are two types, automatic and manuals.

Also for coffee with milk or capuccino.Many come with a milk foamer, perfect for vaporized milk and milk foam.

They get dirty rapid and have little capacity.You will have to clean it regularly and you can only make a maximum of two cups of coffee at the same time, so if you have a few guests you must do the process more than once.


The popular Cecotec brand also has an express coffee maker, perfect for preparing espresso and capuccino coffee.20 bars pressure pump and 850 w of power.Includes a milk foam vaporizer, emit hot water for infusions or heat liquids.

It has an arm with double exit and two portfiltros to prepare 1 or 2 coffees at the same time.It is suitable for ground coffee and its water tank is removable and with a capacity of 1.5 liters.It has a hot surface, it comes with a dosing teaspoon with a presider and a removable drip tray to facilitate cleaning.

You have it digital and mechanics (with and spotless).

You can buy it here for 64.90 euros and take advantage of its 7% discount.

With 'vintage' design

This express coffee and capuccino coffee has a power of 1350W and a vintage design.With an Italian pressure pump 20 bars, get the best cream and maximum aroma.In addition, it has a rapid heating system by Thermoblock and a control pressure gauge to check the pressure in real time.

Includes an orientable spuming vaporizer, emitting hot water or heat fluids.Portafiltros arm with double outlet and two filters, in addition to a 1.5 -liter removable water tank.It also includes dosing teaspoon with a coffee and antigote tray press.

Buy it here for 99.90 euros.

Of professional

It is clear that it is a high disbursement, but the truth is that if you are a coffee lover, it may be worth it.This Sage brand espresso coffee maker has an LCD screen with animations that show the progress of the ground and extraction.Its innovative thermjet heat system reaches the optimal extraction temperature in 3 seconds with an instant steam express transition.Thus, with a single touch, the conical toothpill grip integrated with dose control provides the right coffee at all times.

Its 54 mm portfiltros with 19-22 grams is the key to obtaining a uniform and balanced express using the precise amount.Digital Temperature Control (PID) supplies water at the exact temperature required +/- 2 ° C for optimal express extraction.The initially low pre -infusion pressure gradually increases to ensure that all flavors are extracted uniformly and obtain a balanced flavor coffee.

Buy it here for 659.75 euros.

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