Sports selling: what you need to know before you get into the world of fitness

Sports selling: what you need to know before you get into the world of fitness 02/08/2017.- “The muscles work in the gym, but they are achieved in the kitchen,” says popular culture within the world of fitness.And the truth is that the close relationship between food and sport gives a lot of play to those companies involved in the sector.

In this sense, the implementation of new healthy consumption habits among the population is not only leading to modifying food, but also has favored the proliferation of new spaces in which to carry out equally healthy activities.

In fact, according to the survey of the 2015 Portivosenespaña, 53.5% of the population 15 years and older practiced last last.

Between the information of the most important to the same as we are the same as the gymnastics, the career, cycling, swimming, and bodybuilding and bodybuilding.

However, this eagerness for the sports world not only translates into a growing number of users, but also evident in the growth number of gyms and sports spaces that have opened in recent years despite the economic crisis.

Moreover, Spain, today, is presented as a power of the fitness industry with its machines to make muscle and, above all, with their guided classes especially useful for those who are interested in thinning.

Recently, the 2015 market study commissioned Deloitte by Europe Active, one of the fitness giants in Brussels, showed that Spain is nothing more and nothing less than the fourth country in the euro zone in terms of number of partners in thisType of facilities with 4.9 million people, behind countries such as France, the United Kingdom and Germany.In other words, one in ten people in Spain is linked to a gym.

With all these data on the table, only the following question can be asked: And when will the vending industry be bet on gyms and other sports spaces?

And, like all forms of sectoral vending, the first thing that is necessary to understand is that fitness centers have very specific needs and are directed to a very specific audience, which basically means that a standard product does not work withinExpensive machines for this market.

Moreover, it is so much the need to focus the product, which can give differences in consumption from one gym to another as a cause of the client profile that frequent each of the centers.

Thus, from Nutrisport, one of the largest manufacturers of sports supplements in Spain that bets on vending as a distribution channel, asserts that the main key is to offer a product that truly covers the need for the athlete, be it before, during or afterof physical activity.

While a priori this seems like a quite obvious issue, the reality is that sometimes it is easy to lose the focus of what is really important when deciding what is going to be marketed within the vein.

Energy snacks, meals prepared as sandwiches (however healthy they are) or even different types of refreshing drinks would be some of the proposals that a priori seem “friendly” for the athlete and that, on the contrary, do not always have good results in sales in sales.

Perhaps, as a result of a poor selection of products, the vending of sports supplements has stagnated several years despite the growing number of gyms: “It is true that we have experienced a greater awareness of healthy habits but has not directly translated into an increase in an increase inSales in the vending sector, ”they regret from Nutrisport.

Instead, Eva Muñóz, from approaching -professional association of bodybuilders, fitness and related Andalusia-, confirms that the most demanded products in gyms vending machines are both protein bars and carnitine preparations (drinks for drinks for Burn calories).

Well behind the rest of the products offered that, unfortunately, would not really cover any need for the athlete.Thus, while protein bars are ideal for increasing muscle mass, carnitine preparations are especially useful just before spinning or cardio classes for those who wish to lose weight or, at least, lighten meals.

Vending deportivo: lo que hay que saber antes de meterse de lleno en el mundo del fitness

As the last product that could find its hole in the machines, isotonic drinks could be highlighted, which would come to replace the soda and the most traditional carbonated drinks: “The fall of the soft drinks can have part of their origin in the growing interest in theHealthy life.People are increasingly aware than those sugar -based drinks are not the most appropriate, ”they say from Nutrisport.This nuance, added to the fact that users of this type of facilities are especially aware of their diet, would definitely banish other soft drinks.

As it is possible to check, gyms users or look for food to calm their appetite, nor are they thinking about how to relieve thirst.Accustomed to parts equal to the pain and sweat that involves being in that type of centers, all they need are products capable of enhancing effort and more easily achieve visible results.

However, this last nuance, which a priori does not seem to have greater importance beyond selecting an adequate range in the machine, is not isolated when ensuring the success of the vending machine in the fitness centers.Thus, Eva Muñoz, as a representative of APROFIAN and responsible for several fitness centers, has been able to verify in her experience that the type of use made of vending machines in sports spaces depends largely on the type of users of these users of these users of theseinstallations.

“When acquiring this type of machines, it is necessary to carry out a viability study.Thus, depending on the case, it may be that not only the machine is cuddly, but it even provides benefits, ”says Muñoz from the perspective of gyms that wish to directly buy the machines, although for most cases, the person responsibleAPROFIAN recommends working hand in hand with an operator.

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