Intelligent appliances to simplify home tasks - Samsung Newsroom Colombia Samsung

Intelligent appliances to simplify home tasks - Samsung Newsroom Colombia Samsung

Take the most of the technology present in your appliances and enjoy the benefits of an intelligent and interconnected home.

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In Samsung intelligent appliances and connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are part of an ecosystem, so that they can be configured and administered through a single device.In this way, even if you are far from home, you can monitor, control them and even program them through the smartphone.In addition, it is possible to use the fridge or television as a control hub of the whole house.

We present some facilities offered by the Samsung ecosystem:

Manage your food and save energy

Through the Smartthings application it is possible to control the different functions of the fridge, even receive alerts that will help better food administration and energy saving.For example, you can select the ideal temperature to cool from a wine to a meat, be alerted when you leave the open refrigerator door and include the expiration date of food, after registering the products in the application.These functionalities favor the waste and will contribute to enjoy always fresh food.

Schedule the cycle of your dryer washer*

With the artificial intelligence control (AI), the drying washing machine will learn from the washing settings you have used during the last 10uses, either from the digital panel or from the smartphone with smartthings, in order to recommend these configurations as first optionsIn the panel, allowing you to quickly and easily program washing cycles.

Electrodomésticos inteligentes para simplificar las tareas del hogar – Samsung Newsroom Colombia SAMSUNG

In addition, through 4 sensors and using AI Wash mode, your drying washing machine will automatically detect the weight of clothing to determine the exact amount of water, detergent and necessary softener.A turbidity sensor will monitor the dirt level to determine whether it is necessary to add more detergent or rinse time.In this way, you will save water and detergent, and logically money.

Ideal temperature at home

For those looking.Can you imagine control the temperature of the house or a bedroom from distance?Through the connectivity of the Windfree ™ airs it is possible.To complete, the Windfree ™ models can analyze the habits of use and adapt to the operating schedule and temperature level routines throughout the days.

How to activate your Samsung smart appliances through smartthings?

  1. Abre la aplicación y digita tu nombre de usuario y clave.
  1. Conecta tu WIFI: Para comenzar a usar SmartThings, los dispositivos deben estar conectados a la misma red de WIFI.
  1. Agrega tus productos: Enciende el dispositivo que deseas conectar y selecciona el botón Adicionar (+) en la aplicación. Seleccione el dispositivo y busca el que deseas conectar. Sigue las instrucciones en la aplicación para finalizar la conexión.
* s disponibles en los modelos WD22T6500GV y WD20T6300GP