Six homemade tricks to clean the kitchen bell

It is one of the elements of the cuisine that do the most service, but also the most hated when we put on the scouring gloves on the rister.The kitchen extractor bell, in addition to being a decorative element that gives another face to the stay, are perfect to end the smells and fumes in the rest of the house.Although so much service also produces that it is one of the elements that accumulate the most fat.

When it comes to ending all that dirt there are essential tricks that can make life easier.Write.

Soft sponge

One of the fundamental things is to make use of a good sponge or scourer at the time of messing with the kitchen bell, regardless of the material that has on the surface.

Avoid rough sponges is essential not to destroy the bell finish, also what type of product use to say goodbye to fat.A mixture of dishwashing soap and water is perfect.


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The most complicated dirt, such as embedded fat or glue, can be removed in a simple way with a mixture of white vinegar.Using the same amount of this product on the other hand of warm water.


Another way to remove embedded fat is to use a mixture of water and bleach.This product ends with this type of dirt, the most common in an extractor camp.

The filters

One of the greatest recommendations in terms of cleaning is concerned, especially speaking of the extractor, is that it acquires the dirt of the same in depth every two months.Although it is not so easy.We need time and patience for this type of cleaning.

One of the ideas is to use the same dishwasher that is used daily to clean the bell.Based on product quality will be the quality of cleaning.The other option is to leave the filters soak for a few hours, provided they are carbon.There is another type that are filled with a sponge that has to be replaced.

Stainless steel

In recent times, fashion in decoration has brought stainless steel bells.They are more than apparent but also very dirty.Fingers, fat, dust...Everything shows on this surface.

Thus, to clean this specific type a specific product will have to be used.There are also homemade tricks that can help.A soft rag with a few drops of olive oil can leave the perfect and bright surface.

Water and lemon

Another way to remove dirt and fat from the extractor bell is boil water with lemon juice.When it comes to clean.