Samsung Electronics unveils its “Together for Tomorrow” vision at CES 2022

Samsung Electronics unveils its “Together for Tomorrow” vision at CES 2022

Building a more sustainable, personalized and connected future with minimal environmental impact and maximum ease of use

Samsung unveiled its vision, “Together for tomorrow”. Through a wide range of sustainability initiatives, purposeful collaborations and personalized connected technologies, Samsung aims to contribute to a more sustainable future and create more closeness.

"The 'Together for tomorrow' vision enables everyone to contribute positively to a better future, while encouraging collaborations to address global challenges," said Jong-Hee Han, Samsungs Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of DX (Device eXperience) Division. “Let's join forces and see how innovation can bring about positive change. »

Building a sustainable future

Samsung's vision for the future is based on what the company calls “everyday sustainability”. The company has made its vision a reality by adopting new manufacturing practices for low-impact products and packaging that reduces the ecological footprint.

In 2021, Samsung's TV packaging boxes included recycled materials. This year, the company revealed that it would expand the use of recycled materials to the interior packaging of cases. From now on, recycled materials will be incorporated into polystyrene and plastic bags. The company also announced the global expansion of its award-winning Eco-Packaging program. The expansion of the program, which turns cardboard boxes into cat houses, side tables and other useful furniture, will include the packaging of household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, air purifiers air, etc.

Samsung also incorporates sustainability into the way customers experience its products. For example, the company has made notable improvements to its first-of-its-kind SolarCell remote control, which eliminates wasted batteries with an integrated solar panel that can be charged day or night. The improved SolarCell remote control now generates electricity from the radio frequencies of devices such as Wi-Fi routers[1].

“In addition, it will be incorporated into other Samsung products, such as new Samsung TVs and home appliances, with the goal of eliminating more than 200 million batteries from landfills[2]. When you line them up, it's more than the distance from Amsterdam to Las Vegas, where CES was held,” said Jong-Hee Han.

Electronic waste is another big challenge for the electronics industry. That's why Samsung has collected more than five million tons of e-waste since 2009 and last year launched Galaxy for the Planet, a sustainability platform created for mobile products.

“These are important steps,” said Jong-Hee Han, “but collaboration is key to reversing climate change and protecting our natural environment. That's why we advocate open innovation and make our environmentally friendly technologies, such as SolarCell Remote, free software. Thus, other people will be able to use them freely for the development of new devices. »

Samsung's decision to make these technologies available to everyone reflects a commitment to cooperation. Interprofessional partnerships, such as the one concluded with Patagonia, are further proof of this. At CES, Samsung and the clothing brand announced they were teaming up to reduce plastic pollution.

"Climate change is a serious issue, and it's not something we can solve alone as a company," said Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy at Patagonia. “But together we can do a lot. I see the hard work and dedication of Samsung engineers and it gives me hope. »

Personalized experiences

In addition to outlining the steps it is taking to advance everyday sustainability, Samsung outlined the various ways it is advancing technology to meet diverse consumer needs. Personalization is key here. Based on its “Together for Tomorrow” vision, Samsung is innovating to put people first.

In 2020, Han spoke of the era of “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All” and the platforms and displays Samsung unveiled at CES 2022 reflect that. The Freestyle, for example, is a lightweight and portable display that gives you a cinematic-quality experience wherever you are. Featuring AI-enabled audio, built-in streaming apps, and a host of useful features for Smart TV accessibility, the Freestyle can be installed virtually anywhere and projects up to 100 inches.

In the field of household appliances, Samsung announces the deployment of additional customization options. This includes Samsung's Family Hub, French 3-Door fridges, ovens and hobs. Samsung is also launching new products such as the Bespoke Jet™ stick vacuum cleaner and the Bespoke washer and dryer.

Samsung is constantly exploring ways to leverage personalization to help users get the most out of their devices. The #YouMake project represents the culmination of these efforts. This initiative extends Samsung's Bespoke vision beyond home appliances and brings it to life in the company's smartphones and large-screen devices.

Ushering in an era of seamless connectivity

During the CES 2022 keynote, Samsung demonstrated its commitment to ushering in an era of truly seamless connected experiences.

To help different smart devices work better together, the SmartThings Hub will be integrated into 2022 TVs, Smart Monitors and Family Hub refrigerators. Connected life experiences will thus be more accessible to all.

Underscoring the need to provide consumers with the best smart home experience regardless of brand, Samsung also announced its role as a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA), which brings together various home appliance manufacturers. smart. The organization aims to foster greater interoperability between devices of different brands in order to offer greater choice to consumers, and to strengthen the safety and security of products and services.

“As a global coalition of smart home appliance manufacturers, HCA members share the belief that connected ecosystems and digital technology will enable us to further develop easy-to-use, hyper-personalized and intelligent product experiences for our consumers," said Katherine Shin, Vice President of Customer Experience at Trane Technologies. “HCA invites all global manufacturers with a like-minded vision of interoperability and innovation to come build a connected future with us. »

Samsung's keynote highlighted the company's deep commitment to social responsibility, which continues to characterize its approach to innovation. This commitment isn't just reflected in the company's technologies, but also in its dedication to programs that empower the next generation to bring about the changes they want to see in the world. By fostering youth development and developing skills for the jobs of tomorrow, programs such as Solve for Tomorrow and Samsung Innovation Campus turn dreams into actions.

“I think it's great to be able to say that since 2012 we've reached over 21 million people with these programs. said Jong-Hee Han “This is the future we aspire to: helping people go beyond their dreams. And all driven by the spark of innovation.” »

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[1] To use radio frequency, the SolarCell Remote must be physically close to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router.

[2] Estimate is based on expected sales volume and average life of related products.