DREAME H11 vacuum analysis

DREAME H11 vacuum analysis

How clean?

Clean frankly well.When combining aspiration with wet cleaning, the result is unpolluted.You could almost eat on the floor.To compare, when the robot aspiring the soil is quite well.No dust or apparent dirt.But if we pass the dreame H11 continues to draw the dark water ...

Also perfectly collect bigger dirt.In my case I have tried a little sand, cookie crumbs and a few spaghetti with tomato.In the ECO mode it collects practically everything you throw, although if we increase the power in the Max mode will pick it up faster.You also have to keep in mind that to leave the surface completely clean on which a sticky sauce has fallen we will need to give it a few passes so that it is perfect when it dries.

Another thing that I liked enough is that it is very simple to use.You don't have to be regulating the water flow or anything similar.In addition, the final result is perfect.It does not leave marks of the passes on the ground.

I also had my doubts about whether I would tire to use it to clean the entire house, but on with the roller turning it moves practically alone.It is also quite manageable and we can take it where we want easily.Of course, it does not reach the level of the very slight Dyson Omniglide.

Análisis de la aspiradora Dreame H11

Although the tank seems small, it uses the water very well compared to a traditional mop.Of course, when the H11 will see that the ground is slightly wet, like a mop, and we must wait a few minutes before we can step on it.Of course, my house is medium size, but if you have a house throwing large, you will have to fill and empty the deposits several times.

Cleaning in general is quite fast, much faster than a traditional and more comfortable mop.And if we add to that that saves us the scrubbing, the global computation is very positive for H11.

I also like how easy it is to clean.The roller self -limp process works wonderfully and leaves the roller ready to dry.The mechanisms to get deposits or roller are simple to manipulate and of good quality.It shows that all the details are very well designed.

The only more unpleasant detail of cleaning is the part of the vacuum that is near the roller.There you can accumulate some dirt and hairs.They can easily remove when we remove the roller with the finger or with a kitchen paper.

En principio, el rodillo de microfibra tiene un raspador con una hilera de dientes evita que la suciedad quede enganchada, yendo hacia el interior del depósito de agua sucia, aunque siempre hay alguna cosilla que queda pegada.

As for inconveniences, some wet vacuum cleaners work with carpets, but this does not.So you will depend on a vacuum robot or other vacuum cleaner to keep them clean.H11 is also not very practical on stairs because, although it can be used, cleaning is somewhat complicated and not very comfortable.And finally, if we stop it and take it from one side of the house to another in the air, we will leave a waterfall of water droplets.They are not too many, but you have to take it into account when organizing the cleaning route.