Practical manual to prevent moisture at home now that winter has arrived

Practical manual to prevent moisture at home now that winter has arrived

We are in the middle of winter and now that temperatures begin to lower after the good weather with which we have welcomed 2022 you have to take special care with moisture at home.That is why we are going to give you a series of tips, to avoid greater evils before it is too late.

The humidity problem is not just aesthetic, it can also degenerate in a health problem for those who live in the house (asthma, bronchitis), so you have to try to stop it as quickly as possible.

Why does the humidity stain come out?

It is usually thought that if there are moisture is that there is a water leak and it does not have to: it can be, of course, and then you will have to resort to the house insurance.But they can also be by filtration: in that case the moisture will appear in underground areas, a storage room, a garage, the basement ... and is produced by leaks of the outer terrain and are due to the poor waterproofing of construction.

Moisture can also occur due to capillarity: in this case the stain goes from the ground to the walls and usually comes from groundwater.If this is what happens, you must properly isolate that area and apply an anti -humery paint after cleaning the stain and when everything is dry.

Manual práctico para prevenir las humedades en casa ahora que ha llegado el invierno

But what if moisture arises by condensation?In that case, you will see that moisture spots come out in the windows frames and basically occurs due to the temperature difference between the outside and the interior of the house.If this is your problem, it should be properly ventilated and also buying a dehumidifier.It will be a saint's hand.

As a general council, it is convenient to maintain moisture levels between 30% and 50%, never above.Ventilate daily, apart from health, it will help you keep moisture at bay: open the windows and leave at least 15 minutes ventilating each room.

Eye because the mold appears between 24 and 28 hours after a filtration.The basement and the storage rooms are one of their favorite places.Also, behind the wallpaper or behind the refrigerator.If you see that there is mold in the sink, apply this mixture: 1 part of bleach diluted in three of water.Rub this mixture with a brush.

Anti humidity tricks

There are areas of the house that if they also do not have a window, they usually accumulate more moisture, as is the case of the bathroom.In this case we vividly recommend that, to avoid an instant.It is also good, in the most moisture areas, put a container with baking soda or sea salt.Another tip: in the drawers and cabinets that are usually closed for a long time, it is good to put jars, which absorb moisture.In these areas it is also well spraying hydrogen perium without diluting.Let it act and then pass a hard bristle brush.

The bath curtain is another place where moisture accumulates: there are those that have antimoho protective plastic.They are a little more expensive but compensates.