Nardstar presented a fabulous mural titled "Ubuntu"

Nardstar's new piece is a tribute to all the people who are resisting the ravages of the pandemic

A few days ago Nadia Fisher, also known as Nardstar, presented her new mural titled Ubuntu, which has place in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

The artist worked together with Bernard Greybe, an assistant, and it took the couple 15 days and around 120 liters of paint to complete the 360 ​​square meter mural. This piece is part of the Open Society Foundation for South Africa (OSF-SA) COVID-19 awareness campaign.

OSF-SA hired a number of artists to work in communities such as Tafelsig, Philippi, Lavender Hill and Langa. Thus, all creators were encouraged to get in touch with the communities in which they would carry out their works, so that they first know and understand the problems and challenges caused by COVID-19.

Nardstar unveiled a fabulous mural titled

“When the Philippian community was asked what a positive outcome of the pandemic could be, they all talked about the spirit of Ubuntu. Like many South Africans, they had lost their jobs and loved ones, and as a result, the community began helping each other. I wanted this mural to be a constant reminder and celebration of their fighting spirit and that when faced with challenges, they choose to stick together and build each other up,” said Nardstar.

In this sense, the work captures the faces of men, women and children, who serve as a metaphor for the union and resilience of the people of Ubuntu. Likewise, the work is a display of color that represents the folklore of South Africa and the traditions of its inhabitants.

The work was produced in the old Philippi cement factory and, to date, is the largest mural in that city. Finally, Ubuntu is part of our list of the best murals of the past month. If you haven't read the note, here you can take a look at our selection. You can also see more pieces by this artist through her official Instagram.