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Thermal protectors for hair are fundamental elements for those who love to be able to style their hair at home and want to protect their hair so as not to damage it with the iron and its heat or, of course, when drying their hair. It is important that we use a good thermal protector for the hair, so there is nothing like knowing which ones are currently the best.

Best heat protectants for hair

If until now you have used an iron, dryer and curling iron without using this type of spray, you have probably noticed that your hair, after styling, was dry and very often brittle. But also, thanks to the use of these products, you will notice that it is easier to dry and style your hair and that it is shinier. Even the frizziest and most dehydrated hair looks amazing after using a thermal protection product.

How to protect hair from dryers and irons

If you are looking for the best way to protect your hair from blow dryers and irons, in addition to using a combination of shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair, heat protectants cannot be missing from your hair care routine.

These types of products, usually sprayed, create a true protective film on the hair, thus repairing the fiber and closing the cuticles to prevent the formation of split ends. Inside we find keratin, essential oils, natural essences such as aloe and various nutrients that, in addition to protecting, provide nutrition to the hair.

How to use heat protectant for hair

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Using and applying heat protectant to your hair is easier than you might think – they are usually sold in a spray version and need to be sprayed on damp or dry hair. In the first case, they also protect from the heat of the hair dryer, while drying if you want to create a barrier for irons and curlers.

The important thing, especially for oily hair, is to apply the product only to the lengths. In fact, it is in this area where the greatest damage caused by heat is concentrated and which often causes the hair to break, significantly slowing down its growth.

Once we have seen what they are for and how to use thermal heat protectors, we only have to know those that are considered the best of those currently sold on the market.


ghd is the quintessential when it comes to hair straighteners and the heat protectant developed by the brand is undoubtedly one of the best professional products. Inside it contains the ghd heat protect system, which prevents damage resulting from hot styling.


For use on wet or dry hair, Kerastase Thermal Protectant not only protects hair from high temperatures but also strengthens it and is designed for those with weakened hair that is prone to falling out as a result of breakage.


Not just sprays: thermal protectors can also be in cream, like Redken's proposal that protects up to 232 ° and allows you to eliminate frizz by giving hair deep hydration.


Composed of 97% natural derivation, that is, of plants and minerals that do not contain oil or water, this spray protects the hair up to a temperature of 230 ° in addition to providing a calming aroma after having steamed it.


Those who are attentive to clean and ecological formulations and INCI, will certainly appreciate this silicone-free thermal hair protector from gyada Cosmetics Thermoprotector, formulated with aq-save, an active ingredient obtained from organic Italian chestnuts that allows to build a protective film , maintaining hair hydration.