Laundry tricks: how to get spectacular results at home

Laundry tricks: how to get spectacular results at home

Believe it or not, putting the washing machine is not as easy as you think. Choosing the garments, selecting the most suitable washing machine program so that the garment is not damaged and that, in addition, it comes out without stains is not easy. That is why we have compiled three tricks that professionals in the sector use and that we have found on Tik Tok and that you can put into practice at home, since the products they use are very common.


Take clothes out of the dryer wrinkle-free

Although they are becoming more and more perfect machines, tumble dryers still take out quite wrinkled clothes with standard programs. To avoid this, there is the possibility of using a simple homemade trick. If we introduce four ice cubes before starting the process, we will achieve that the clothes come out with hardly any wrinkles. This is because the condensation that this ice will cause when it goes from a solid to a gaseous state will help the clothes come out as stretched as possible.

Get fluffy and scented towels out of the washing machine

Towels are items that over time, and especially after being machine washed, lose softness and fluffiness. Getting them to stay like the first day is not that difficult. To do this, you just have to follow this simple trick: when we are going to put them in the dryer, we will also put a ball of wool to which we will add a few drops of essential oil. Thus the fragrance will invade the drum of the machine and the towels.

Remove stubborn stains on white clothes

Trucos de lavandería: cómo conseguir resultados espectaculares en casa

Cleaning stains on white clothes is usually a difficult task. Especially those of wine, coffee or fat. In the supermarket it is easy to find various products that help in this type of situation. Although, there is a home method that is no less effective than any chemical. You just have to crush an aspirin in a glass of water. Then you have to apply the resulting on the fly and put in the washing machine in a normal program. If it doesn't work at first, this process should be repeated one or two more times.

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