LG Smart TVs of 2022

Premium segment: level up with OLED evo

If LG's OLED panels were already lauded for having almost no competitor, this new consignment called "evo" comes to establish its position, mainly improving brightness. Some of the new TVs are going to see their brightness increased to 1,000 nits. This is possible thanks to a new technology called Brightness Booster and the LG Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, which is provided with a new dissipation system so that it can run all kinds of algorithms without overheating.

The new OLED evo line is made up of the C2, G2 and Z2 televisions, the latter being the only one with 8K resolution of all the novelties. All three will carry the new Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, with new and improved dynamic tone mapping and AI that has improved from the previous year. The sound will also be improved on these new televisions, with a virtual 7.1.2 surround sound system.

Las Smart TV de LG del 2022