Keep the color of all your garments intact with these simple homemade tricks

Making the cast is almost never a pleasant task.Difficult stains to remove, garments that fad or colors that are transferred can disrupt some of your favorite garments when washing them.Who has not seen how their new jeans ruined a white shirt when staining blue with rubbing?Sometimes, separating clothes by colors is not the solution either, but with the right products (and that you surely have at home) and a little patience you can recover them following these home remedies to keep the color of all your clothes intact, be it the toneto be.

It ends the yellowing of your white clothes

With the uses, the white garments lose their characteristic glow and it is common for antistnetic yellow spots produced by sweat in the armpit area almost impossible to eliminate with regular washes.However, you can easily remove them in a spray dosing 3 parts of water, 1 of hydrogen and a half hydroof of lemon juice.Spray on the yellow zone and let stand 30 minutes.After the time washes the garment in the usual way.

If this were not enough, to end the most rebellious stains prepares a thick paste mixing a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate and half -lemon juice.Aspire directly on the stain, let it act for 15 minutes and clarify with warm water.This solution serves to bleach clothes and will also take away that appearance of dirt.

Mantén intacto el color de todas tus prendas con estos sencillos trucos caseros

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Intense black

We already know how to maintain a radiant and more durable white in our clothes, but how to make black garments do not lose intensity?With the passage of time and washes, it is common for dark tones to go out and look much more aged.It is also frequent that they transfer to light colors in printed or combined parts.To avoid these small inconveniences, the most effective is to introduce the garment into a sweep full of water with a glass of vinegar and a generous handle of salt.Dilute everything well and let it soak from 2 to 3 hours.After that time, acline and wash it in the usual way following the manufacturer's instructions.

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Jeans that do not fade

Indigo jeans (the traditional dark blue tone) are a basic garment in our closet, however, they usually present a great inconvenience.According to the intensity of their washing, they can fade and leave antistnetic spots on the garments with which they are in contact, above all, if it is a white shirt or shirt.To fix the color well and prevent it from transferring to other fabrics, vinegar has proven to be a great ally.You just have to mix half a liter of vinegar with two liters of cold water and introduce your jeans upside down.Let them soak for two hours and then wash them as you normally do.

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Always bright colors

Both salt and vinegar are also applicable for clothes of all types of color.But in addition, a very effective trick to make sure that your garments always maintain their color always alive and in perfect condition is to add to the middle wash cycle cup of baking soda or a cup of vinegar.

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