How to wash makeup sponges to avoid damage or skin reactions

Sponges have become a key element when making makeup, for their practicality and versatility.However, not only hide magic, but also bacteria that could have an impact on your complexion.We tell you how to wash makeup sponges to avoid damage or skin reactions.

Without a doubt, a must of makeup in recent years, are the sponges: for the concealer, the base.There are different types, but those that have stolen our hearts, are the Beauty Blender, those sponges in the form of a egg and presiable, which are very functional.

However, an error that we can make to commit, is not to wash them correctly, which can cause problems in your skin.The best thing is that you do not need to buy a mini washing machine or laundry room like those seen in Tik Tok to achieve it.

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How to wash makeup sponges?

There are different methods to wash your makeup sponges, most importantly, is to remove all dirt and let them dry perfectly before saving them, otherwise, fungi could be formed.

As for both how much to wash them, it is best to do it minimal every week, although the ideal would be to do it daily or every two days, according to their use.

Baby soap

Baby soap is an excellent option, because it not only helps to remove dirt, it is also soft and hypoallergenic.It is important to take care not to use aggressive soaps, with alcohol or other ingredients that can damage your sponge and even cause allergic reactions.

You just need to wet your sponge, foam with baby soap and wash your beauty blender with it.Rinse and repeat until the water comes out clear.

This technique is ideal if you wash your sponge after using it.

Micellar water

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Micellar water is a great ally when wearing offspring, as its micelles attract dirt, makeup and impurities of the skin without being aggressive or leaving a fatty texture.But just as it is effective to eliminate your face makeup, it is to remove it from your sponges.

Only pour micellar water and soak your sponge with it, threate it to eliminate all makeup;wet again and repeat.When your sponge looks clean, rinse with water from the sink, removing all excess and lets dry.

If you don't have micellar water, don't worry, you can prepare it yourself, it's easy and fast.

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FUsar ma

To the microwave

This way of washing the Beauty Blender, circulated online, flying your head to more than one, however, it is important to be careful to avoid accidents and never put the beauty blender alone, as the material could burn.

The method is very simple: Fill ⅔ of a bowl suitable for microwaves with water, add antibacterial liquid soap (not for frets), stir and introduce the sponges.It takes to the microwave per 1 minute, when they are at a tolerable temperature, massage the sponges to remove dirt.

If you don't have microwave, you can simply soak them in warm water with soap.This helps to take off the dirt, but if after doing so it is not seen clean, it may be necessary to wash with a little more soap.You can also help you a silicone mat for brushes cleaning, always careful not to scrub it much.

Eye, as it is very important.

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Why is it important to wash your sponges and makeup brushes?

From accumulating bacteria to keeping fungi, they are some of the consequences of not having enough care with our sponges and brushes, which can lead to acne or other skin problems.

It is undeniable, not washing our makeup brushes and sponges, it is a common mistake, as much as using it for years until it falls apart in our hands, however, makeup and its tools, it also has expiration and needs to be cleaned.

One of the main problems, is the accumulation of bacteria and that is that, many times we keep them in our cosmetiquera or makeup box, which is not a very sterile environment, filling with dust and another type of dirt.In addition, the remains of makeup, humidity and other factors, make bacteria begin to reproduce.

This could lead to skin irritations, granites or infections.And that's not all, using dirty brushes could accelerate the aging of your skin and make signs of age appear, a specialist explains.

Debbie Palmer dermatologist, co -founder of Dermatology Associates in New York, cited in Elle, explains that dirty brushes can expose yourself to the oxidative stress of free radicals, causing a degradation of collagen and elastin, leading to premature aging.

Finally, the recommendation is to change your sponge every 3 months and not use it if you notice the presence of black points or other strange coloration, because fungi could be forming, hence the importance of never keeping it wet.

Makeup is a way to highlight our features and even expose our talent with brushes and brushes, however, it is necessary to be responsible with its use, since it has been linked to different dermatological conditions.

The Mexican Dermatology Foundation insists that you must take your needs into account, because each skin reacts differently from cosmetics, it is also important not to apply it to irritated or very dry skin, as its compounds could penetrate the skin and sensitize it.

On the other hand, it is best to choose non -comedogenic cosmetics to prevent the pores and promote the appearance of black points, as well as verify that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients and always, always remove yourself before sleeping.

Do not forget to wash your makeup sponges frequently, if you forget, you can do it before using it, especially if you wet it to apply your base.Do it for your skin's health.

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