How to request a face -to -face appointment to make the 2020 income statement in office

The rental campaign was marked in 2020 for uncertainty.In the first wave of the pandemic for Coronavirus Sars-COV-2, the Tax Agency was forced to postpone until June the face-to-face attention in its offices, and most of the procedures for the income statement had totelematic.For this 2020-2021 rental campaign, however, the changes come on the other hand, since taxpayers will have to be aware of some novelties in terms of their elaboration, such as the minimum vital income (IMV) or the ERTE.

What this 2021 will not change is the assistance to citizens from the offices of the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT).Although last year the public body was forced to close its doors to the public by being in full household confinement of the country, for this campaign they will be available to citizens who have doubts about the presentation or declaration of the income corresponding to the exercise of2020, an option that seems more comfortable for those who prefer to avoid doing it by telephone or through the web.

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When do the AEAT offices open?

Cómo solicitar cita previa presencial para hacer la declaración de la renta 2020 en oficina

As part of the tax agency's help service, the agency will open its offices from June 2 to serve taxpayers, until June 30.But before being able to go, it is essential to make an appointment, either by the web or with a call, provided it is made between May 27 and June 29.Once requested, from the AEAT they set a specific day and time.In case of not being able to go, from the agency they request to suspend the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

Once there, the corresponding sanitary measures, such as the minimum interpersonal distance or the use of mask.Personalized attention may not be done until June;Until then, it will only be attended by telephone, also asking previously.

► Who is obliged to make the income statement?

What documentation must be carried?

To request the appointment, citizens have to access the AEAT website and, once achieved, must be submitted to the Office indicated with NIF/NIE or electronic ID, electronic certificate, PIN key or reference.Or you can also ask for it through the 'app' of the organism itself;or calling 901 22 33 44 or 91 553 00 71.

In addition to the identification documents of each person, only the documentation referring to the personal situation of the person in question and other in cases where, of the examination of the fiscal data that you can access previously to telephone assistance must be prepared, differences are determined with those actually obtained.Therefore, the documents that have to be submitted vary according to the situation of each taxpayer, but, in generic terms, this would be the necessary material in all possible cases that should be adapted to the circumstances of each individual: