How to make a toupe that Chris Hemsworth would be proud in just five steps

Men's hairstyles might think that getting the perfect toupee requires a lot.Nothing is further from reality.

By Javier Guerrero

The toupee is much more than a simple haircut or a mold hairstyle: it is a vital attitude.And it is that the capillary version of Rock and Roll, which captures the very essence of rebellion and nonconformity, is a sure value that has never ceased to be fashionable since Elvis Presley popularized it back in the 50s of the century of the centurypast.

Of course, the toupe has evolved with the passage of time to adapt to the tastes of each generation: from the ultrapulids and brilliant of its origins to the current Matte finish style that crowns, with a certain arrogance, marked Undercuts.

But everyone has something in common because, as Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, explains, “the basis of a good toupe is always the cut, which must be perfectly adapted to both the physiognomy and the texture of the hair so that, when when, when, when, when, when, when, when, when, when whenwork, it is easy to achieve and, in addition, favor.That the hair has a good structure is fundamental and usually looks very good with short necks ”.

However, not all types of face are apt to wear it.Eduardo states that “it is perfect in rounds and, although you always have to analyze each specific case, also in squares.If it is an angular face, a lateral movement should be created to soften it.On the other hand, in the very elongated ones, you have to be careful because the tupé further accentuates that verticality ”.

How to do - and keep a perfect tupé in 5 steps

The first step to wear a perfect toupee is that the hair in the upper head of the head has at least 10 centimeters.But neither should it go because, as Eduardo warns, “it must.In addition, abundant and heavy hair require much more work than fine ”.

Cómo hacer un tupé del que Chris Hemsworth estaría orgulloso en solo cinco pasos

If you comply with this premise, you can now launch a toupee that challenges the law of gravity.To do this you will need the following products.

1. Protector térmico

You cannot design a tupé without using a dryer.Therefore, and to avoid future damage to the capillary structure, you must apply before a thermal protector that minimizes the oxidation generated by heat tools, avoid breakage and loss of brightness and increase water retention inside the fiber. Nos gusta este de Nuggela & Sulé porque, además de todo esto, ayuda a controlar el encrespamiento y elimina el exceso de grasa del cabello.

COMPRAR Protector Capilar Total, por 14,90 € en Nuggela & Sulé.

2. Polvos texturizantes

Whether you have fine hair and with a lot of weight, it is likely that it is difficult for you to lift and shape the front.Hence, getting the right texture that allows you to work the hair is indispensable for the success of the mission.To do this, apply texturizing powders, such as these from Balmain Hair, which, in addition to definition, provide volume from the root.In this way, you will be creating solid foundations on which you can then erect the toupee.

Buy Styling Powder, for € 33.95 in Balmain Hair.

3. Secador

Not all dryers are prepared for the always complicated challenge of building a toupee.Make sure that, at least, have a power of 1.800 watts, a cold air button, to fix and give the last touch to the hairstyle, and a flat nozzle, to concentrate the heat and dry certain areas, without damaging the rest of the hair.

If you are looking for a maximum volume in the roots, stop the dryer with your head face down.We like this of Babyliss because, in addition to meeting all these requirements, it is very light and silent and incorporates an advanced ionic technology that stimulates hair brightness while dry.

Buy Air Brilliance dryer, for € 99.90 in Babyliss.

4. Cepillo

While using the dryer, it begins to shape the hair with a rounded tips brush.It is important that the chosen brush has the ventilated body, because the air increases in brushing movement, which adds volume and lifts the roots;and a ceramic coating, which makes the temperature preserve and distributed evenly, thus reducing drying time and improving the duration and quality of the hairstyle.This one that has just launched termix, in military green, is perfect for creating tupés.

Buy Professional Barber Thermal Brush, for € 14.99 in Terminix.

5. Spray de fijación

The last step is to apply a hairstyle or a lacque.If you want a classic, polished and bright look, use a strong fixation like this from Leonor Grayl.But if you prefer a matt finish, more broken and with movement, that allows you to change style throughout the day, decant for a flexible fixation.Of course, in both cases, the formulas must be light and not add an extra weight to the hair.

Buy Structure Naturelle Hairy Spray, for € 28.23 in Leonor Grayl.

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