'How nice to have you at the table': the real key to Christmas that leaves a mark

Family and good friends gathered around a table. That could be a definition of perfect Christmas for many. Although the calendar offers other opportunities throughout the year to bring the whole clan together, Christmas is the time par excellence. Although the new times force us to approach them in a somewhat different way, it is still a celebration that no one wants to miss.

Grandma will always have a leading role, nothing like her traditional recipes to attract three different generations of loved ones. The mothers don't fail either, and there they are giving everything, whether setting the table or starting with a Christmas carol. The father will not be missing either, preparing the delicious turkey, the aunt in charge of the desserts, the brother-in-law with the wines and the little ones acting as waiters. All of them make every Christmas unforgettable.

Each house will have its rules and traditions, but in all of them there are members who, year after year, are in charge of organizing, entertaining and improving Christmas dinners and gatherings. Sometimes, her effort is in the background, halfway between the table, dressed in the best clothes, and the kitchen.

Without them, the whole celebration would not exist and it's time to thank them. One sentence is enough: “How nice to have you at the table”. This is the declaration of intent with which Fagor Electrodoméstico wants to claim spending more time together close to those closest to us and giving the importance they deserve to those who make it possible.

Now, being realistic, there are other secondary protagonists who are just as necessary. In the same way that technology has crept into the home to make it safer and more efficient or we have new tools at work to make our tasks more agile, it doesn't hurt to have extra help to do the same in the kitchen.

‘Qué bien tenerte en la mesa’: la verdadera clave de las Navidades que dejan huella

This Christmas, an ally is sought to prepare a Christmas feast without giving up the classics -it is not possible to imagine a Christmas dinner without a baked turkey or freshly made puff pastry canapés-, but at the right and necessary time. These are the appliances. Always present so that everything goes well, the objective of these parties will be to spend less time preparing and more time enjoying.

the jewel of the house

Complying with it is easier if you have a tool like the 8H-885ADTFTN multifunction oven from Fagor Electrodoméstico, which cooks with Full Steam. Its advantage is that this steam oven allows you to create dishes in a simple and intuitive way. In other words, anyone this year can be the chef of the family. Simply fill the container with water and select one of the cooking programs to prepare all kinds of steamed recipes. From delicious steamed vegetables accompanied by juicy meat, to tasty fish or even daring with pastries.

Whatever the chosen recipe, the palate is guaranteed a treat, because the steam cooks the food while maintaining its juiciness and nutrients and preventing it from drying out as in conventional cooking. And if in the end you are one more at the table, it is not a problem either. In fact, the number of diners no longer matters - keeping health recommendations always in mind - because this oven has a large capacity -77 liters- to be able to prepare any dish.

After the main course comes dessert, usually in the form of nougat. And this should be the finishing touch to any celebration and not the cleaning. This is another of the classic procedures that the Fagor steam oven also simplifies to the maximum.

It's as simple as pouring half a glass of water and setting the temperature at 50º for 30 minutes. Steam will be generated and will loosen dirt from the walls, making it easier to clean the cavity later. Done, the oven cleans itself and no one has to leave the best moment of the Christmas dinner: the long and restful after-meal conversation in which no one should be missing.

Being 'the little kitchen' of the family has a prize

Fagor Electrodoméstico wants to involve all those who join the "Fagor family" on these dates and has launched a draw on its Instagram account in which they ask their followers to mention the person who is always in charge of cooking his family and among all the users, a single winner of a prize of €500 will be selected. For once, being the selfless person pays off!

Fagor Electrodoméstico wants to remind us of the need for responsibility and the necessary adoption of ventilation measures, use of the mask and social distance that are essential in our meetings and celebrations.