How and when to clean the rubber of the washing machine?- Nius

How and when to clean the rubber of the washing machine?- Nius

The washing machine is an appliance that uses water and, for this reason, moisture can accumulate and arise mold in one of its parts.For this reason, it is important to clean the different parts, such as filter or hype.

One of the places where more dirt and mold accumulates is in the rubber, the part between the door union and the hype of the appliance.This rubber serves to prevent water from getting out of the hype.It must be cleaned once a month to avoid damaging and must be replaced by another.

Cleaning material

Cleaning steps

  1. Apagar la lavadora, abrir la puerta y retirar toda la ropa del interior.
  2. Pasar un paño húmedo por la goma de la lavadora, para quitar la suciedad más externa.
  3. Mezclar el detergente, el bicarbonato y el vinagre en un recipiente y humedecer un paño con la mezcla. En su defecto, se puede usar lejía, pero para ello hay que usar guantes y mascarilla.
  4. Pasar el paño con el detergente o lejía por la goma, frotando con fuerza.
  5. Dejar reposar la mezcla durante unos minutos en la goma
  6. Coger el cepillo de dientes y frotar la goma con intensidad para eliminar la suciedad y el moho
  7. Coger un trapo humedecido con agua y pasarlo por la goma para retirar el jabón o lejía.
  8. Secar bien la goma.

Recommendations to avoid mold

In addition to doing a regular rubber cleaning, recommendations must be followed to prevent this part of the washing machine.First, you should avoid leaving clean clothes in the hype for a long time.In addition, it is recommended to leave the door of the washing machine open after each use and pass a dry cloth through the rubber to remove the remains of water.


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