Frikar, this is the e-bike that looks like a car and will arrive in Europe this year

Frikar, this is the e-bike that looks like a car and will arrive in Europe this year

What we bring you today could take it at first glance for a Renault Twiz, or another similar quadricycle of companies such as Honda or Toyota.But the truth is that frikar, the vehicle you see in the photos, is not a car, but an e-bike.And with all of the law.Yes, this new closed cabin model and four wheels is approved in Europe as a bicycle, so it does not need registration or safe, and can circulate both by lane-bici and the road.The first units will begin to be manufactured this spring, and there are already 3.400 orders.

High technology: transmission without chain, kers...

Developed by the Norwegian company Podbike, the frikar (whose name clearly comes from the words 'Libertad' and 'Car', but that in Spain can encounter a small marketing problem, for what sounds like 'geek')of a curious propulsion and transmission system, which does not resemble traditional e-bikes, but rather that of some hybrid cars.Only here, instead of gasoline engine, our legs would be.

Specifically, it has three electrical propellants.One of them is a 250 W generator to attend the pedaling, up to 25 km/h (as marks European regulations).The other two are found on the rear wheels, and they are the ones that act them, because it does not have a mechanical transmission, neither by chain nor by Correa.Equip what is called 'cable transmission';which means that these two engines feed on both the watts that we move with the pedals and those provided by the generator.

Of course, this bike can circulate at higher speeds of 25 km/h, but there it will depend on our forces, or that we are in a decrease.Of course, above 50 km/h, it will begin to stop, to take advantage of that energy, as it has an advanced recovery system (yes, the famous Kers of Formula 1).With all this, the company estimates that the battery that mounts, of 877 WH (is removable, so it can be reloaded directly into the vehicle or at home), reaches an autonomy between 50 and 80 km.And there is space to take an additional one, if you go to a long adventure.

Frikar, así es la e-bike que parece un coche y que llegará a Europa este año

The technological component is such that it even is equipped with an autonomous 'driverless' mode (such as Tesla's famous 'autopilot').Although with this automatic pilot it only reaches 6 km/h.

For all climates and with space for a child

Undoubtedly, one of the attractions of an e-bike like this, with closed cabin, is the protection against weather inclement.And, as a machine born in Norway, which is, the geek is very prepared for these challenges.On the one hand, it can circulate with ice or snow, while, among the extras that can be requested, we find a windshield wiper (even with cleaning liquid), a fan, heating and winter covers.You can also remove the upper part to leave it 'convertible' on hot days;A configuration to which the company refers as 'cabriolet'.

Within the cabin, the cyclist's position is like the one offered by a reclined bike, but we do not have handlebars.Instead, this model is 'driving' with two joysticks, one on each side.These also control the front headlights, the flashing (yes, there are also) and, where appropriate, the fan.Of course, you better not be a particularly large user, because the maximum height that it admits with the hood on 2 meters are.

By the way, creators warn that this model is prepared only for the road and the lane-bici, and not for other types of land...Although, anyway, they hope to get a conversion kit that allows you to also take it through.

In principle, frikar is also a unipersonal vehicle...But, after the cyclist's seat there is a small space (160 liters), which can be used to install a seat for a child of up to 6 years.The other option is to leave it as 'trunk', in which to transport those things you need.

Prices, models and availability

You may, after all this, think that this electric bike will be exorbitated, more similar to that of a car.But the surprising thing is that no.Of course, it is not going to be located among the low cost, but the base model costs 6.429 euros.Then, there is a plus version, with interior upholstery, fan, a second mirror, interior lighting or anti -theft alarm, among other extras, for just 650 euros more (7.080 in total).Plenary e-bike territory.

And, although it reminds us of Canyon's electric bike that was presented two years ago, the difference is that it is not a prototype without further ado.It will begin to be manufactured in spring and its first installments will already be made at the end of this year.And the company captured during the development phase more than 3.2 million euros of financing, partly thanks to the 3.400 people who put an entrance of 300 euros to get one as soon as they go to the market.A system very similar to that of Tesla and other brands of electric cars.

By the way, if you are interested, you can formalize your order now through this link.Although Podbike warns that surely you do not receive it until entering 2023, because before they have to reach those 3.400 original buyers.