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Technology has simplified household chores, including washing dishes. Thus, you can better enjoy your time without worrying about the arrangement of your kitchen.

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We are beginning the year, a time that brings with it new challenges and purposes to fulfill. Tasks like washing dishes and pots will no longer occupy our time, because thanks to technology we can allocate that time to enjoy with the people we love.

Samsung dishwashers are one of the ideal allies when it comes to saving time on kitchen tasks, since they not only take the burden out of doing this task, but also help us save water and energy.

We present some of the benefits for which the Samsung dishwasher is an ally when it comes to enjoying your time and cleaning your kitchen easily and quickly.

Enjoy more with your loved ones

Despreocúpate de la limpieza y disfruta de tu tiempo este año – Samsung Newsroom Colombia SAMSUNG

For many people, the New Year brings as a purpose to enjoy more time sharing with loved ones or doing what we enjoy the most. Dishwashers with StormWash™ technology help clean dishes and pots[1] thoroughly without the need for a pre-wash. In addition, they leave your dishes and cutlery completely clean and sterilized thanks to the fact that they use temperatures above 70 degrees. In this way, you spend more time doing the things you love while the dishwasher helps you clean up quickly and easily.

Instantly dry earthenware

Secar la loza manualmente es una de las tareas más aburridas que hay a la hora de limpiar; además de requerir tiempo hace que nos mojemos las manos innecesariamente. Esto quedó atrás gracias con la puerta AutoReleaseTM incorporada en los lavavajillas Samsung, pues se abre y libera el vapor condensado dentro de la máquina mientras un ventilador hace que el aire circule, secando lo que se encuentra dentro del dispositivo.ideal y moderna para facilitar tu vida.

Noise-free cleaning

At this time, many people prefer to be in quiet spaces without interruptions or noise, especially those generated by certain electrical appliances that can be annoying. Samsung dishwashers have insulation technology, which reduces noise thanks to its sound-absorbing materials and vibrations produced by the device, making the process produce only 48 decibels of noise; that is, it is almost silent. So you can enjoy your celebrations without annoying noises that interrupt them.

[1] Los lavavajillas Samsung cuentan con tecnología Stormwash, que ofrece una zona exclusiva del lavavajillas para ubicar ollas o utensilios sin necesidad de prelavado.