Fire with high risk of propagation affects 5 houses on San Juan de Dios hill in Valparaíso

A fire with a high risk of spreading was reported on the San Juan de Dios hill in Valparaíso.

The commander of the Fire Department, Rodrigo Romo, confirmed that the incident affected 5 houses, which were hit by the flames due to the height of the houses, the proximity between them and the vegetation in the area, which also made the hard work of the volunteers difficult.

As a result of the fire, the general public alarm of the city of Valparaíso was activated, indicating a declared fire and the requirement of a high number of Firefighters. This is due to the danger of spreading the fire that exists in the place, and in compliance with the security protocol.

At least 8 Firefighters units, mobiles from the Municipality and Samu personnel attended the place, in the middle of the enormous fire that has caused the collapse of multiple structures of the affected houses.

Fire with high risk of spread affects 5 houses on San Juan de Dios hill in Valparaíso

Both neighbors and the Fire Department worked to control the emergency, and even Chilquinta electricity technicians cut off the electricity supply and removed installed cables, in order to avoid greater risks.

According to information from Radio Bío Bío, there are 3 injured firefighters who are being treated by medical personnel, and according to reports, there are 17 victims of the fire, who moved to relatives' houses.

The Municipality of Valparaíso confirmed that the Fire Department controlled the danger of spread and the intensity of the fire, which quickly affected these five homes due to the lightweight material structure and the absence of firebreaks between the buildings.

At the moment, the Fire Brigade is removing the rubble at the site with the help of personnel provided by the municipality. Volunteers also attend to the remnant of fire inside the homes.

People who did not present injuries and pets of the inhabitants were rescued from the place by volunteers.

It should be noted that at the beginning of this emergency, residents of the sector threatened and expelled the press team of Radio Bío Bío Valparaíso.