Extremadura events three hooded rob in a villafranca bar in broad daylight

Mª Ángeles Puerto

El Rincón de Toni Café located on Ruiz Zorrilla Street in Villafranca de los Barros has suffered this morning a robbery.Three hooded ones entered the establishment minutes after Antonio Peña, owner of the bar, opened."At 9.22 I disconnected the alarm, opened after four days because I had taken vacations ... and as I do every day, I lowered the barburetes of the bar, I put ambient music on television, and prepared a coffee, when I went to give the second sip three threeMen entered the bar, I told him that I was closed and answered that they didn't come to that and made me pour, and upload the volume of TV ».

According to Antonio Peña, two of them went to a recreational machine to get the money with a machete and the third robber with a knife in the hand of about 26 centimeters threatened to get the money from the box.«In the box there was nothing but there was in my frog that brought from home, 1050 euros because today I had to pay two suppliers, when I told him the money I hesitated, and threw it back, I had that imposed, and as a result ofThis cracked my hand ».

Sucesos de Extremadura Tres encapuchados roban en un bar de Villafranca a plena luz del día

After that, he made him sit in a stool to wait for them to end, "the knife told me quiet and still".The owner thinks that the thieves could be in the establishment for about 15 minutes.

When the street was clear, a few minutes before 10.00, they ran with a blue sport bag in which they had introduced all the stolen money, the 1050 euros plus the recreational machine, in the direction of the Buron."If a car had been parked at the door, I would have heard it," explains Antonio Peña.

Account that they came hooded, with sunglasses and mask, for how they talked, recounted, they were foreigners, and they could be between 20 and 30 years.

Antonio Peña takes care of this bar only a year and a half ago.Regrets having to live this event that, he says, will take time to forget.In spite of everything, the bar has resumed the activity this afternoon.

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