Echo Show 10: Amazon reinvents your smart speaker with a screen completely and you will love Echo Show 10: Amazon reinvents your smart speaker completely and you will love it

Echo Show 10: Amazon reinvents your smart speaker with a screen completely and you will love Echo Show 10: Amazon reinvents your smart speaker completely and you will love it


Echo show 10

Amazon has just presented the new echo show 10.Although so far in Spain it was only presale, as of this Wednesday, April 14, the international brand has begun to send the device to its customers.

In 20Bits we have been able to try in first during a week the new generation of smart speaker with Amazon screen and we can summarize the experience in a handful of words: echo show 10 is a pass.

The technology company has put the batteries well as far as improved its previous device is concerned and the third generation of Echo Show not only stands out for its obvious changes -Hello, a screen that turns almost 360º and follows me throughout the room-,,but pleasantly surprises in functionalities that were already, but have been greatly optimized, especially in their three major values: display, sound and processor.


A rotating screen madness

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The echo show 10 has a luminous 10.1 -inch HD tactile screen, which as we said adapts and rotates automatically so you can always see it when you interact with Alexa, regardless of what part of the room you find yourself.

It carries engine without brooms with rotation of +/- 175 °, that is, practically turns 360º.When you set it, the device automatically detects how far it can rotate, depending on whether you have nearby elements that could block the movement.

As an additional note, comment that the engine of the device is completely silent, which means that you will not hear any noise while the echo show 10 is rotating.

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You can also manually move the screen to the sides and also tilt it from top to bottom depending on your needs.In the upper part of it you will find the buttons for the rest of manual interactions: to raise and lower the volume, to turn off the micro and to close the camera.

The truth is that the screen has clearly improved with respect to the previous generation (the Echo Show 8): although it also had HD resolution, it was 'only' of 8 inches and did not have the environmental light sensor that the new device hasof Amazon.The sharpness has made an important leap and there is a clear improvement with its predecessor.

Improvement in inches, sharpness and resolution are not something unimportant, especially because Amazon wants you to use this device as a fundamental partner.In fact, you can even see your Netflix and Prime video video series in it.Follow them - or attending to a cooking recipe on the Internet, for example - it will not cost you much, because those 10.1 'of high -definition screen size are large enough.

In addition the touch screen has good sensitivity and responds quite well when you touch it and interact with it.

A successful design

Echo show 10: Amazon reinventa su altavoz inteligente con pantalla por completo y te va a encantar Echo show 10: Amazon reinventa su altavoz inteligente con pantalla por completo y te va a encantar

The Echo show 10 is fully manufactured, including the cable and the adapter, with 30% post -consumption recycled plastic, 100% post -consumption recycled fabric and 100% cast aluminum recycled aluminum.

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It is available in white and anthracite and the design follows the line of its Echo brothers, who renewed their appearance in 2020.An appearance that already conquered us last year and that with the Echo Show we reaffirmed what we had already told you: Amazon has successful in its new staging, making much more attractive and visually pleasant devices.

It ends that hiding our electronic devices in a corner so that they are not seen.What is now taken is to teach them and give them a privileged place in our homes, and in that Jeff Bezos' company has given on the correct key.

Of course: it must be taken into account that the echo show 10 is not an echo dot and does not fit anywhere.It measures 251 mm x 230 mm x 172 mm and weighs its considerable 2 and a half kilos.It is a robust and presence for which you will have to look for the best place if you want to exploit its possibilities -it makes no sense.

Very improved camera

The screen has been integrated in the front a 13 megapixel camera with a wide angle that offers a very good resolution and uses the automatic framing to keep you in the foreground and in the center of the image.We have tried to make video calls both echo show and mobiles and the result is excellent.It also allows you to make group video calls up to seven people.

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In addition, the camera also allows us two very interesting functions: do drop in, the functionality that allows youIn the room where you have the echo show and you are out.You can access from your mobile app.

To get an idea of the advance that has given the third generation of the smart speaker with Amazon screen, the camera of the previous Echo Show was only 1 megapixel.


From Amazon they say that this device is "designed to protect your privacy".The truth is that it may first cause a certain impact to have a machine that follows you everywhere and you can feel somewhat guarded.

If this is your case, no problem: you can electronically deactivate the microphones and the camera and also cover the camera with the integrated cover.You can even deactivate the movement whenever you want with the voice, from the device or from the Alexa app.

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In addition, the company ensures that the device locally processes the information necessary to move the screen and that the images and videos associated with the movement of the screen are not sent to the cloud.

Very good sound

As for the sound, as we have mentioned in the Amazon introduction, this aspect has also taken care of: the echo show 10 has two 25 mm front tweeters and a powerful 76 mm Woofer that provide a high quality directional sound that automatically adapts toAny space.

Listening to music - you can do it on Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify for example - or podcast in this device is a pleasure and if you want you can fill the room with very good power.

As always there is a place for improvement, maybe Amazon could have maintained the 3.5 mm jack that allows the system to be connected to a better speaker.Although I personally do not need.

Alexa for a while

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The last generation of smart speaker with Amazon screen works with the company's last processor: the AZ1 Neural Edge.This translates into unprecedented power and performance and that will make the device respond faster to our orders.

Alexa allows to control more than 140.000 compatible digital home devices, including security cameras, lights, thermostats or plugs, only with the voice, and carries hub zigbee integrated.Setting any of these devices is very simple and is done through the application.

Much more technology, but just as easy to configure

Configuring the Echo Show is very simple, just as it is to configure the rest of the Echo Echosystem of Amazon, and this is one of the things we like most about the brand's devices.You just have to plug it into the current, connect it to the house wifi and lower the Alexa app, from which you can take all the steps that are requested.

We have already told you above that, when you start it, the echo show 10 performs a 'mape of the device', which will allow you to regulate its range of movement depending on the place where you place it.

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As in the previous generations, you can enjoy a lot of useful functions, such as doing Drop in -call other Alexa devices with permits you have at home -, make communications -envide a voice note through your speaker to other speakers andAmazon devices-, put reminders, listen to music in multisance mode, see your calendar, establish routines or the always useful purchase list.

One more thing about cool functions: you can use Amazon Photos to turn your home screen into a digital frame with self -regulatory color to see your favorite photos.And, if you want, you can even ask Alexa to do a few selfies from echo show himself and add them to the album.


Score 20Bits: 10/10

After this analysis, one thing has been clear: the new Echo show 10 of Amazon has loved us and few fights we can put this great proposal, without a doubt a success of the company and a remarkable improvement with the previous generation -which, by the way, we already liked it quite-.

They have improved everything: the screen, the camera, the sound, the processor, the the concept itself.If we have to put a 'but' is its cost, since it costs 249.99 euros.However, it is a well -paid price.

You could also mention something that the nostalgic may give them some pity: Amazon has been undone of their classic LED light, which we have normally found in all the devices echo and that turned on when Alexa listened to us and spoke to us.We assume that when looking at you directly as it does not need another sign of interaction now.

Is it worth buying?In our opinion, if you are looking for such a device, the answer is a resounding yes.In fact, we even recommend it if you have the previous generation -the echo show 8 -since the experience of use changes radically.

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