Dyson Supersonic Dryer, the design is paid

Dyson Supersonic Dryer, the design is paid

Dyson has launched its first hair dryer in Spain, the Dyson Supersonic model.As usual in this manufacturer, what catches our attention is the care of product design, its technical characteristics and its high price.

Similar to a fan

The first thing that Dyson Supersonic hair dryer stands out is in its form, similar to that of the brand's fans but adapted to a hair dryer.At first glance, only a hollow cylinder is seen where the air comes out, without fan blades or grilles.

Power, weight and dimensions

As for the technical characteristics, the maximum power of the device is 1600 W. In the market, there are much more powerful dryers, with more than 2000 W, but Dyson states that its dryer uses its power more efficiently.

As for its dimensions that are 10 x 8 x 25 cm, Dyson Supersonic is very short and narrow compared to traditional dryers, which facilitates its transport when traveling.In addition, its weight of 600 grams is very light and promises an air flow of more than 40 liters per second.

Accessories and equipment

Secador Dyson Supersonic, el diseño se paga

The first Dyson dryer has 3 nozzles: straightener, concentrator and diffuser.The way of coupling to the dryer is magnetic, which facilitates the task.The air temperature can be regulated on 4 levels: 100, 80, 60 and 28ºC, and the air flow in 3 speeds.It also has an air temperature control system that prevents it from coming out too hot and can damage your hair.This dryer also has negative ion technology to reduce static electricity.

Fast and silent drying

In operation, the noise level of this model is much lower than that of traditional dryers.It is a very easy -to -use dryer, intuitive and the magnetic system of accessories works really well.Dry very fast at any temperature, even too fast at the lowest flow rate for those who wish to mold their hair in a slower way.

For these reasons, Dyson Supersonic is mostly advisable for people who want to dry their hair as quickly as possible.On the other hand, for users who wish to dry their hair very slowly and go molding you can find this apparate too powerful.

In conclusion we can say that in all this deployment of technology and design, there is only one problem: the price.The model will go on sale for almost 400 euros, almost 10 times more than any good hair dryer on the market.