Differences between condensation dryer and evacuation dryer

Differences between condensation dryer and evacuation dryer

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A few years ago we announced a change of trend in the dryer market. Those known as condensation dryers were growing rapidly, displacing evacuation dryers.

Today such displacement is even more marked, especially with the appearance of heat pump condensation dryers, which are much more efficient.

This change has led us to no longer enter evacuation dryers among the products we choose to analyze, as an attempt to boost the most efficient appliances.

In our comparator you will only find condensation dryers, both with electric resistors and heat pump, although you can still find evacuation dryers on the market.

Evacuation dryers

Diferencias entre secadora de condensación y secadora de evacuación

They were the first to show up. They take air from the outside, heat it through electrical resistances, the hot air is put into the drum where it collects moisture from the clothes and then ejected by a tube to the outside.

Condensation dryers

In these dryers, the air is also heated with electrical resistances, air that enters the pump with wet clothes to remove the humidity. The main difference with the above is that it is a closed circuit, where the wet air, instead of being ejected out, is inserted into a refrigerated exchanger, causing the moisture it carries in a tray to be condensed. That same air, it goes back through the electrical resistances and goes back into the drum. In this way, not being new air from the outside, less energy is needed to raise the temperature, so these dryers are more efficient than the evacuation ones.

Condensation dryers con bomba de calor

The circuit of this type of dryer is exactly the same as the one we just explained. The difference is that these dryers use a heat pump to heat the air, instead of electrical resistances, which can be up to 3 or 4 times more efficient.

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