Cyber Monday 2020: A 50%Roba, a Lékué vapor case at half price, an aspiring robot

More and more people open phrases such as "My House, My Castle" or the most traditional "Home, Dulce Hogar".It is not that the population has become suddenly and in more introspective and home block, but that staying at home becomes a great idea in a time marked by a health crisis and constant mobility limitations.That is why it is a good idea to get home appliances and accessories with discount taking advantage of Cyber Monday offers.

Thus, the wide category of home products, ranging from furniture to the outer.

Now that almost everything is done at home not only yeast and flour are winning horses, but all kinds of cooking utensils and, of course, to improve the rooms in which it is teleformed, because this formula is still in force forNot a few workers.

However, the reality of the Coronavirus, which is even having its reflection in the new demands of the real estate sector (the long -awaited house in the field or the fresh air of a terrace) will continue to make the home the center of the personal universe and aAdequate equipment the differential touch to be fully at home at home.

In this scenario, frequent terms in lifestyle publications, such as 'Nesting' neologism (staying at home) or the "hygge" Nordic concept (happiness in simple things with home in the center) will continue among us a season, a season,Not as trends, but as a reflection of reality.You will see if you need new more ergonomic pans or chairs.If what you are looking for are ideas at the best prices, then you have a few.


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AMZCHEF blender

In the Cyber Monday, this amzchef brand blender, which has very good assessments on Amazon, goes from costing 348 euros to only 79.99.Among its advantages, it emphasizes that it is able to press all kinds of food to prepare your favorite juices: from apples, carrots, oranges to green leaves or ginger.Everything you wish.

All parts are made of antioxidant materials, it has a safety closure to avoid accidents and its engine is very silent, so you will not have to endure annoying noise while preparing your juices and preferred beaters.

Buy it here for 79.99 euros (at 77% discount).

Sauber brand washing machine

There are those who take advantage of the Cyber Monday to renew appliances since you can find great discounts on this type of articles, as is the case of this Sauber washing machine, at 20% discount.

The washing machine has a load capacity of six kilos and a +++ energy efficiency certificate and stands out for being a simple but very complete model.The centrifugate reaches 1.200 rpm and has 15 different cleaning programs.Among them, a fast program stands out in which clothing is cleaned in just 15 minutes and the self -limited mode that eliminates any machine residue in a short washing.

Buy it here for 239.20 euros (at 20% discount).

Electric sterilizer

If you have a baby, you can't miss this electric sterilizer.It is practical, effective and will be worth for bottles, tetinas and pacifier.It has an adjustable size for you to choose the one that comes best based on the articles you want to sterilize.Eliminates up to 99.9% of germs in just 5 minutes and offers protection for 24 hours.It has a capacity of up to 6 bottles and goes out automatically when the cycle ends.

You can buy it here for 27.36 euros at 45% discount


The cheap option to the Roomba is this LEFANT brand vacuum robot that has an average score of 4.3 stars on Amazon and positive comments like this: "The work it does is brutal," says one."Silent and size favors it for very small sites," says another.

Includes 500 ml dirt storage box, you can connect to WiFi and have 1800 mAh battery.In addition, thanks to its ultrafino design only 7 cm wide it is capable of cleaning up to sofas and furniture.

You can buy it here for 79.99 euros (50% discount).

Pressure pot set

An express pot is an essential element in any house, especially in winter where spoon stews abound.

This game includes two pressure pots of 6.5 (for six people) and 3liters (three people) capacity, with vegetable baskets and preventing them from falling apart.The lid includes two -level pressure and fading selector.

All elements are stainless steel, valid for induction kitchens and can be washed in dishwasher.All this makes them the best -selling Amazon.

You can buy them here for 139.99 euros (22% discount).

Sartenes set

The alarm state brought to everyone the chef that we carry inside and the touch of current curm and the hospitality closures in many autonomous communities have led us to continue cooking a lot at home.Every chef needs a good patch game.This set of three sizes (18, 22 and 26 cm) is made of nonstick material without PFOA, they have ergonomic mango and are valid for induction kitchens.

You can buy them here for 46.99 euros (58% discount).

33% gaming keyboard

Do you like video games or do you know someone who does?Well here are then the perfect gift.This Corsair K95 RGB Platinum model is provided with mechanical switches incorporated into a light aluminum structure.The storage of 8MB with lighting and macros reproduction.

Its 19 zones light system allows spectacular animations and effects to be incorporated.It is also possible to take advantage of the six programmable G keys for the game macros.In addition, comprehensive protection against null pulsations with simultaneous keys in USB guarantees that each pulsation is directly translated into a precise game experience.For its part, the USB transfer port provides comfortable access to an additional port for mouse or headphones.Another advantage of this product is that multimedia volume controls allow the sound to be adjusted without interrupting the game.

Buy it here for 133.99 euros (with a 33%discount).


Having the clean house floor is the main achievement of vacuum robots.There are several models, but we want to show you this, the ecovacs deebot ozmo 950 care.It is very powerful, it aspires soil and carpets and can be controlled through your mobile phone, even if you are not at home.

One of its distinctive characteristics is that it recognizes its environment thanks to the Smart Navi 3 technology.0.Intelligent navigation.With carpet detection sensors, the suction power will increase, while when it is in Mopa mode, it will avoid them and focus on other areas.You can create virtual walls if you do not want me to go through somewhere and have a water tank that makes clean cleaning possible.Load time is about 5h.

Cyber Monday 2020: una Roomba al 50%, un estuche de vapor de Lékué a mitad de precio, un robot aspirador

You can buy it here for 399 euros at 31% discount

Crock- Pot 4.7 liters to 56 %

The 4.7 -liter digital cooking pot is ideal for families, as it prepares enough food for about 4 or 5 people.It has an easy -to -use digital timer, two heat settings and a function of keeping hot automatically, which is activated once the food is cooked.

The slow cooking pot is easy to use and the possibilities it offers are wide, being able to prepare much more than cooked and other winter dishes.You just have to make a basic preparation and let the pot take care of the rest, having more personal time, if you throw hours between stoves it does not appear among your hobbies.

If this appliance is being done with a hole in the kitchens, it is not only because of the saving of time, but because of the taste obtained in the dishes.This kitchen technique keeps food juices so that the palate shows it.If you want to check it today, you have a very good price occasion.

Buy it here for 42 euros (with a 56%discount).

Cocktail game

In many communities the bars are closed and in others the curfew prevents enjoying a cup after dinner.With this cocktail game you can prepare your own cocktails at home without worrying about the time.

The game has 12 pieces, among which a cocktail shaker, four nursing nozzles, a jigger (beverage meter) and a openboard opener, among others, among others.All presented in a beautiful wooden structure.Perfect also to give.

You can buy it here for 27.99 euros (32% discount).

The Moulinex Quickchef hand blender

With the moulinex quickchef hand blender, which has a power of 1.000 W, you can quickly beat all kinds of food.Its use is very intuitive and, unlike other models that only have one mode of use and two blades, this includes ten different speeds, a turbo modality and four steel blades.This will allow you to achieve a faster crushing and adapt the intensity of the machine according to the needs of each preparation.

In addition to the blender (made of stainless steel), the pack includes a chopper with capacity for 0.5 liters, a rod and a transparent glass with meter panel.

Buy it here for 49.50 euros (at 17% discount).

Philips L'Or Barista coffee maker

The Philips L'Orista coffee maker is elegant as it is practiced.With it you can prepare different types of coffee, such as ristretto, expresso or lungo, among many others.In addition, it is designed for you to prepare, if you wish, two coffees at the same time, which also involves a time savings.

Prepare coffees with a professional result thanks to its 19 pressure bars and includes the latest technology that allows recognizing the size and type of capsule inside.

It is designed to be used with the L'O or capsules, but it is also compatible with those of Nespresso and with the capsules made of aluminum of brands such as Jacobs Douwe Egberts, such as Jacobs, Marcilla, Moccona, Saimaza or Senso, among others.

Buy it here for 48.75 euros (at 51% discount).

Gaming table

This table is the dream of any gamer.The computer and the peripheral.It is high -end polyurethane and its textured surface allows optimal mouse operation.In addition, it includes a space for headphones and another for falling falls.For all this is Amazon's best.

You can buy it here for 117.99 euros (26% discount).

Maclaren cart entirely

To the advantage of saving half, those that accompany the Maclaren carts, of an almost insurmountable practicality, for their suspensions, for their padding, for the ease of folding, for their durability, for their adaptation to the growth of the growth of the kids...

It is light and compact, of proven security, with waterproof cover, with aluminum frame...The Maclaren cart, the favorite of parents and children.

You can buy it here for 179.99 euros (48% discount)

Steam bottle sterilizer

Number one in Amazon between sterilizers.The cleaning of the utensils for children was always fundamental, but that concern has been extreme in these times.And products like this steam electric sterilizer for bottles grows on the purchase list.

The process becomes intelligent, fast and effective with a sterilizer.This, Philips, offers all the guarantees that accompany the brand and in six minutes end 99.9% of germs.Adjustable size, it is suitable for wide and narrow neck bottles.

You can buy it here for 38.99 euros (45% discount)

Tipi for games and 12% reading corner

In the absence of the house in the good tree is a typi to find a corner of games and reading for the little ones, as well as a personal space in which to let the imagination fly.

This children's typi is very easy to assemble, because in five minutes it is installed and includes four piquetas, in case you ever want to take it abroad, obtaining optimal support to the ground.

This typi measures 1, 20 high and 1x1 meters of surface.It also has a comfortable mat that has a soft face and another waterproof to protect itself from soil moisture.

Although most likely it is installed in a game room or some other corner of the house this typi protects the children from the harmful rays of the sun thanks to their anti -uv fps 50+ fabric.

Buy it here for 43.99 euros (with a discount of 12%).

Electric line adapters

These TP-Link devices are network nano-expansion by electricity line.It has an ultra -switch speed of high -speed data transfer, compatible with the HOMPLUG AV standard, which allows users to keep stable high -speed data transfer rates of up to 600mbps at a distance in the electricity line up to 300 meters.

With a speed of up to 600MBPS, it allows intensive bandwidth applications such as HD streaming, online games and large file downloads, turning your home into a robust and high -speed network.

A rapid installation guide is included.

You can buy it here for 37.39 euros at 13% discount

Cable -free vacuum

Passing the vacuum and sweeping are sometimes cumbersome, but very necessary and inexcusable tasks.If we use an electronic device, the cables are a can because they get entangled, hinder, they do not reach...This AEG's vacuum and broom does not have that problem.It is recharged and offers an autonomy of up to 45 minutes.It also works as a hand brush and has an accessory for your pet's hair.You can choose between two speeds and its 180º broken brush, to reach everywhere.The deposit has a capacity of half a liter and is very silent.It is red.

You can buy it here for 134.99 euros at 29% discount

LG smart tv

This LG Smart TV has Nanocell, the great technology of the big inches.Specifically, this model is 55 '', but you have it in different sizes available.In addition, you can enjoy a unique sound experience thanks to its ultra surround sound.It is compatible with HDR10 Pro and HLG, it has intelligent quad core processor and the light that emits is white LED, free of light blue light for the eyes.

Buy it here for 594 euros (26% discount).

AEG coffee maker

This coffee maker up to 12 cups will be your best friend in the morning and in those Sunday afternoons.It has a filtroextraible and a glass jug with a maximum capacity of 1.4 liters.It has coffee level indicator and is suitable for dishwasher.After 40 minutes on it goes out alone and do not worry, because it has an antigoteing system and cable compartment.

Buy it here for 23.99 euros (29% discount).

Spots draft

These gadgets are very useful: they eliminate instantly and permanently impossible spots such as chocolate, tomato, wine, makeup, vegetable oils, food fats, coffee, engine oil...In addition, they are an ally if you have pets.The procedure is simple: first spray, then Friega and finally aspires.It can be used in carpets, upholstery, stairs, car interiors...

Buy it here for 59.90 euros (40% discount).

Auckey foot lamp

If what you are looking for in giving a touch of light to any room in your home, take a look at this practical and modern foot lamp of the Auckey brand with a five -star score..

This fine and minimalist LED foot lamp gives your study, room or living room a bright and adjustable light.It has three types of adjustable light and 20 brightness levels.Its swan neck -shaped design offers you total freedom to direct the light to the exact point you want.Ideal for any room or study room.

Buy it here with 39.98 euros (23% discount)

Hondo Lékué steam case

If you have not tried the steam cases of Lékué, this is your chance.You can make any plate to the microwave in just a few minutes: from vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, soups, stews...This is optimal for cooking three or four rations.The so -called papillote effect is achieved, which preserves the natural flavor of ingredients and main nutrients.

Thus, food is being made with their own juice and uniformly and the water vapor itself helps them to be tender and juicy.The case is made 100% of high quality and free plastic platinum silicone.Includes cooking tables and indications and recipes.

Buy it here for 20.49 euros (25% discount).

Jewelry hanger

With this jeweler with three bars of different levels you will have all your ordered and hand jewels for when you want to use them.

Its three bars are designed to hang bracelets and necklaces, while at the base you can place rings and earrings.It is nickel, it has dimensions of 48 x 23 x 10 centimeters and is available in two colors: white and silver and white and gold.

"It was a gift for my mother and she loved it.It is large and something heavy but ideal to put all necklaces and bracelets without risk to fall.Very happy with the purchase, "says one of the comments.

You can buy it here for 15.99 euros (18% discount).


To calm your baby, to read comfortably or to watch TV.This rocking chair will become one of your essentials at home.

It is ergonomic, it is made of stable wood of high quality of birch color and 100% cotton case.Hold a maximum weight of 120 kilos.The case can be washed in washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees.

You can buy it here for 62.85 euros (23% discount).


You never have enough photo frames to give a second life to memories.This circular form has dimensions of 58.5 x 58.5 x 6 cm and has space for nine 10 x 15 cm photographs.Its round shape makes it itself a decorative element.

"It remains wonderful and, weighing so little, it is placed with a small hitch," says one of the comments.

You can buy it here for 49.99 euros (17% discount).

12% body fat scale

Are you still one of those who thinks only body weight?If so, you should know that there are many other data equal (or more) of relevant than the traditional body mass index (BMI).This type of intelligent scales help you to know your percentage of body fat, muscle, water, your metabolic age...

It is synchronized with an application where you can always consult your data, establish your goals...In addition, you can share it with other members of the house, since it is able to store several records.

Buy it here for 22.98 euros (12% discount).

De'lonchi de'lonhath

With a double bio-silver action filter of silver ions, which is antipolvo and antiallergens, you can purify your home thanks to this de'lonchi de'lonhath.Eliminates excess moisture through its removable water tank, which has a capacity of up to 5 liters.

It is silent, easy to transport, respect the environment with its ecological gas R290 and, in addition, includes automatic clothing drying settings, so that your casting is ready in less time.

You can buy it here for 299.90 (33% discount)


During the past confinement, televisions became our main lifeguard to keep us afloat and entertaining to evade a little of everything that was happening in the street.Movies, series, video games, almost everything went through them.At that time, there were already many who decided and bet on the smart TV, in order to enjoy our favorite streaming contents without the need to plug any more cable to electricity.However, surely there is still any lag.

If you are one of these, you have a great opportunity to make a technological leap with this Smart TV model of the TCL brand.It has a 65 -inch UHD screen with 4K resolution and also has, among many other characteristics, a system that adapts the luminosity and improves the image quality.

You can buy it here for 489.99 euros (14% discount).

Ufesa Vapor Vertical Planter

Eliminate wrinkles from your clothes and also ends the smells and disinfecta.Ufesa's vertical vert.

With a power of 1700 w, it is heated in just 40 seconds and emits a 25 gr steam per minute.Its head is stainless steel and incorporates a thick tissue brush.And the best, your self -appoard system, so that you get careless of any forgetfulness.

You can buy it here for 34 euros (15%discount)


Rice, vegetables and steamed fish...Few foods are resisting this steamer specially indicated for those who like to eat healthy and without any excesses and fats.

This steamy model of the Russell Hobbs brand guarantees, according to the manufacturer himself, that in the process food does not lose an apex of nutrients and vitamins.It also has three stackable containers with capacity of up to nine liters, in the same way that it has two side water inputs and a 60 -minute timer.

You can buy it here for 27.99 euros (56% discount).

Taurus blender

The Liquafresh model of the renowned Taurus culinary brand is a compact blender and reduced dimensions, since approximately has the same measure as a polishing.With just 15 cm in diameter and 27cm high is the perfect blender for the whole family.It does not occupy just space and has all the necessary power to liquefy any fruit, vegetable or vegetables no matter how hard it is.

It also has a functional and modern design, which highlights a cavity in which a container can be introduced to collect the liquid.Similarly, it has a transparent lid that allows you to see its liquid filter at all times.

You can buy it here for 23.90 euros (65% discount).


Domestic tasks have always taken away a very valuable time, especially when we have left almost everything for the weekend.However, and thanks to technology, different devices have appeared that, not only helped us to perform them, but also took care of them entirely to carry it out.

The Roomba Robot has been one of the ones that has traditionally been dedicated even devotion to the saving of time that people have provided in such lides.And over the years, it has improved, since we can even control it from our smartphone or through our domestic voice assistants.Best of all, it adapts to you and memorizes the moments when it can be more indicated to clean.

You can buy it here for 179 euros (50% discount).


Few people could spend without early morning coffee.The maelstrom in which we are immersed daily always tests our fatigue or even our desire to sleep, especially if we suffer from some insomnia.In this case, there are those who serve little coffee, you need some more.

And if it is the best quality, better than better, that in addition to taste it in our palate, it also between the sense of smell.With this coffee espresso coffee maker you will have both needs.Your deposit of 1.5 liters, with visible water level, and its handling is very intuitive.

You can buy it here for 59.90 euros (50% discount).

NewCook kitchen robot

If you are not very good to cook, you do not like or do not have much times to get in front of the stoves, it is best to buy a kitchen robot.Choose the recipe, add the ingredients and adjust the temperature and cooking time.

This is from the NewCook brand, has nine functions and eight preconfigured menus (for rice, steamed, over low heat, soups, baking, stew, frying, ironing and heat) and is programmable up to 24 hours in advance.In addition, it keeps heat up to 24 hours without deteriorating neither taste nor food quality.

Its bucket is non -stick and includes spatula, a ladle, a meter vessel, the steam accessory and a wide recipe book.

You can buy it here for 29.90 euros (25% discount).

Viscoelastic mattress

A good mattress is the main guarantee to enjoy a repair dream.This of the Royal Sleep brand is viscoelastic, its outer tissue has a biocermic thread that emits infrared waves to increase blood flow, enhance cell activity and the creation of collagen to favor the regeneration of the skin.It also helps fight mites and bacteria formation, two of the main causes of allergies.In addition, its foam core HR first quality premium gives it maximum stability.It is 23 cm high and is made 100% in Spain.

It is available in various bed sizes from 80 x 182 cm.

You can buy it for 194.99 euros (43% discount).

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