Comprehensive reform project for a mini kitchen: ideas and prices

Comprehensive reform project for a mini kitchen: ideas and prices

Are you thinking about kitchen decoration?Do you need comprehensive reform?Do you want to know how much it would cost you?Your kitchen may be minimal, very small in dimensions, and also have a tight budget to leave it as a new.In this article we present a real project of a mini kitchen, with a difficult distribution and a budget that we break down, both in regard to the work that covers facilities and coatings and in the furniture.

How to save in a comprehensive kitchen reform?

What has been put into practice in this project that we present is a way to adjust the budget that you can apply in your case: limit the use of coatings to the most exposed areas.To do this, the solution has been to leave the areas of the walls where the furniture will be hung without tiles.Just use these in the workplace of the work zone (the space that is free between the high and low furniture).The rest of the walls are painted with enameled paint, which allows cleaning with a damp cloth.

Proyecto integral de reforma para una cocina mini: ideas y precios

In addition, the quality of the used materials has been adjusted.Going to basics in the coatings helps to reduce.There are beautiful tiles in a square or rectangular format in white that are perfect for use.In this project the option to give amplitude and luminosity is to play with white on the walls and kitchen furniture.On the ground, some contrast with a soft gray tile that mimics cement.

Another aspect that you should consider is that of the countertop material.In this case a laminate, which is much cheaper than a synthetic material.Within the laminates, there are some more basic ones that carry a steel tone tone and others with a tuft of the same finish as the countertop.

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