Clean the oven of the stove without efforts with this home remedy

The oven of the stove is a kitchen utensil that helps us prepare incredible dishes and desserts, but using it can give us a terrible laziness since it then implies cleaning it and it is not always one of the activities that we most long for.So it is common for us to leave it for later and fat and cochambre are accumulating until a disgusting problem becomes.

If this is already exceeding you and it is time to clean the oven of the stove we share a home remedy that you can prepare at home with some ingredients that you surely already have and leave it as new without being battled and suffering to get that fat stuck.In the end it is very important to take care of the oven, because our food is cooked there.

On the other hand, the best thing about this home remedy is that he does not say goodbyeFat, you will avoid battle with the cochambre.The oven is not always used, but special dates are coming and you will want to have it very clean.

Clean the oven of your stove without efforts

Home remedy

Limpia el horno de la estufa sin esfuerzos con este remedio casero


First remove the grilles and the oven tray.It serves the juice of two lemons in a sprinkle container, then add a similar amount of white vinegar, cover and mix, reserve.

In a separate bowl it serves approximately a cup of sodium bicarbonate and about 1/4 cup of liquid soap for frets, mix until it incorporates, then adds little by little white vinegar until you get a more or less liquid, moldable paste.

Put your gloves and apply this paste especially the oven, if you need, make more mix (for this reason we do not give you exact amounts, as they will vary depending on the cleaning needs you have).Also apply in the tray and grilles.

Leave this mixture for about 20 minutes, then spray the mixture of vinegar with lemon juice to moisten again and after 2 minutes, with the help of an aluminum fiber for frets, fry the oven, the grilles and the tray.

It is not necessary for you to do a lot of pressure or that rubbing with effort, because the fat will leave alone.If your oven is too dirty, repeat and let the pasta rest.

Wash with soap and water the grids and the tray, leave draining.To finish cleaning the oven, a rag moistened in hot water passes, always using gloves and careful not to burn you.Since it is very clean, place the grilles and the tray again, your oven will look like new!