Capillary repolarization: treatment that does work to repair damaged hair

Capillary repolarization: treatment that does work to repair damaged hair

A good change of look always makes us feel beautiful, because many times it highlights our beauty and raises self-esteem, however, by subjecting our beautiful hair to abrasive changes such as discoloration, it is mistreated, dull and looks without vitality, the solution? Capillary repolarization: treatment that does work to repair damaged or dry hair.

What is capillary repolarization?

Capillary repolarization is an intensive hydration treatment that nourishes and restores the hair fiber in depth, forming a protective layer to eliminate hair damage, for example, when the discoloration did not come out as expected, therefore, this procedure is ideal. for damaged hair, that has lost its shine and softness or that is no longer curly or straight because its structure is completely damaged.

If you are one of the women who frequently uses the iron, you should know that a study published by the Korean Dermatological Association Annals of Dermatology suggests that using heat tools continuously such as the dryer, the iron, tongs, waffle makers, the diffuser, can change the hair structure by reducing keratin, this means that the more we use them, our hair loses its shape and is mistreated until the only option is to cut it.

Repolarización capilar: tratamiento que sí funciona para reparar el cabello dañado

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How to do a homemade capillary repolarization?

If your hair is very damaged, try homemade hair repolarization before "passing the scissors", I assure you that it will look softer, hydrated, stronger, brighter and without the electrical effect of frizz. Best of all, it is quite cheap compared to other expensive products that do nothing for you.

You will need to:

Preparation mode:

And ready! It's that easy you can make a homemade repoliticization without strange chemicals, just follow the instructions to the letter and you will see that you recover your beautiful hair. By the way, it is best to carry out this intensive treatment at least once a month to maintain moisture and softness in your hair.

***Be careful, the amounts may vary depending on the amount of hair you have***

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