Brushes, caps, flip flops and other things that you never thought could be washed in the dishwasher

Brushes, caps, flip flops and other things that you never thought could be washed in the dishwasher

We think that this appliance is only to put dishes, but the truth is that many other utensils are clean when passing through it

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The dishwasher is the typical appliance that cannot be missing in our home.He has been happy for many years and helps us save time by not having to handle the dishes, glasses and dirty cutlery that are left over from food.But not only is it useful for the dishes we have at home, surely you have also ever put a pot or a casserole to be impolute, but the truth is that it serves many more things!

If you could not live without the dishwasher, after knowing all these functions, you will surely appreciate having one at home.Here we leave you a list of objects that you can also introduce in this appliance with more than surprising results.

Combs and hair brushes

How much do you not clean your hair brush?You no longer have an excuse, eliminate accumulated hairs and inside!These utensils accumulate a lot of dirt due to pollution and products that we apply in our hair.After passing through the dishwasher they will be disinfected, as new and without any trace of dirt.

Fridge accessories

How long do you waste cleaning the fridge?With this trick we assure you that, at least, you will reduce it.You can put the trays and removable pieces in the dishwasher and they will get perfect without rubbing.


Brochas, gorras, chanclas y otras cosas que nunca pensaste que se podían lavar en el lavavajillas

Surely you have tried to put them in the washing machine and what happened?The visor has probably deformed.You may also have the idea of rubbing it with soap and a hand brush and, the same question...The answer we already know;It has been full of unequal spots due to the effect of soap and fabric coloration.What are you waiting for?To the dishwasher immediately!

Sink strainer

How little we like to clean this object in which all the remains of food and other waste are glued.You will not have to do it anymore;to the dishwasher and will be unpolluted.

Shower artichoke

This primary part of the shower is usually obstructed due to the lime of the water, which prevents the water from leaving correctly.Well, you just have to disassemble it, put it in the dishwasher and like new!

Flip flops

Surely you are thinking that what a cochinada ', how are we going to put the flip flops on the beach where we wash the dishes we eat?Unique load (you can take advantage to put the whole family) and special.We assure you that they come out as new.

Artificial plants

How much do these artificial plants carry in the hall or under the window?Close and play one of its leaves.Dust, fat, mites...We better not follow, a dishwasher program and as if they were flourishing in spring.

Scales and rags

Because they are used to clean dirt and that many times we usually keep them wet for some time, many bacteria accumulate in them.Normally they have so bad aspect that we choose to throw them.Well, you don't have to do it anymore, to disinfect them completely, rags and scourers can also go through this appliance.


Plastic squares that border the light switches and plugs can also get into the dishwasher.You just have to do lever to extract them and they will remain as new, since by constantly touching them with their hands, a lot of dirt accumulates in them.


Plastic pieces, blocks, dolls...germs and more germs living in boxes, cubes, containers and drawers.Make a good selection and the dishwasher!.They leave perfect and above all, clean and disinfected...Until the next washing.

Makeup brushes

How many times have you had to throw these brushes, which by the way are nothing cheap, because they are caked and full of remains that make them leave our face full of spots.When we have the glued hairs not to spread the product well and on more than one occasion we go out on the street made a picture.Check yourself as the dishwasher leaves them impeccable.

Fruits and vegetables

It may seem surprising, but there are more and more people who wash some fruits and vegetables in the dishwasher.With warm water, without detergent and without drying cycle, of course.Rinse apples, potatoes, peppers in this magical machine, which as you can check has infinite possibilities.