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An ionic hair dryer has several advantages over a regular one, including reducing frizzy hair and increasing shine. In addition, its use will reduce the drying time of the hair, causing a reduction in heat damage. Although most of these dryers are considered professional, there are increasingly brands that offer them at more competitive prices.

What is an ionic hair dryer and how does it work

Unlike a normal one, an ionic hair dryer only releases negatively charged ions, which have important benefits for your hair. To understand how it works, you must first know that an ion is an atom that has no neutral electrical charge. The ion is called a cation if its electrical charge is positive and an anion if its electrical charge is negative. In the case of these dryers, the ions they release are negatively charged.

Hair has both positively charged and negatively charged areas, which helps some hair care products work better than others. These ionic dryers interact with the air and water in the hair but do not modify the electrical charge of the hair, but rather that of the molecules that surround it.

Benefits of using an ionic hair dryer

Benefits of using an ionic blow dryer | Beauty IDEAL

The most important benefit of an ionic dryer is its ability to reduce drying time. The moisture in wet hair is positive, and the negative ions emitted by the blow dryer cause water droplets to break up into smaller droplets. This way the water will evaporate more quickly. This reduction in drying time also has consequences for the health of the hair. The less time it is subjected to hot air, the less it will suffer the consequences (dryness and breakage).

Hair care products are also often positively charged. When in contact with air charged with negative ions, the products adhere better to the hair and their penetration is favored. Additionally, this type of blow dryer has the ability to help seal the hair cuticle as it dries, allowing the interior of the hair to retain moisture. Consequently, it will look much brighter and with more volume.

However, the best-known effect of using ionic dryers is the reduction of frizz. Hair naturally tends to have positive ions, and rubbing against clothing or other hair charges it with static electricity and makes it frizzy. By releasing negative ions, these dryers help balance these charges, reducing frizz.

Cost of ionic dryers

When they began to be manufactured, ionic dryers were expensive due to the technology used and because they were sold by professional hairdressing brands. However, today they are within the reach of practically all budgets.

If the hair is very thick or too frizzy, there is the possibility of using an ionic dryer with tourmaline, a semi-precious metal that provides the most intense ionic action. In this case, its price is likely to be higher, but it will give a more uniform and less harmful heat.