8.00 - 16.00 |Elena and Aratzne face the washing machine

Hello!The house of secrets embarks, and never better, in a weekly test.Sailors and vigías must row a series of meters for them unknown under the command of two great captains: Álvaro and Carlos.It seems that the first contact with the test has gone well and, being concentrated by paddling for six hours has not prevented them from following their journey as tailors.And there are already many costumes between the different groups already quite differentiated.The majority group raja and laughs that of the "marginalized", and vice versa.And more, after the first nominations.

Come on, not even love between Alberto and Elena seems to get to fruition.He wants to have a more intimate approach with her, since they both know that they like them and spend as long as possible together, but it seems that Elena wants to go a little more slowly.Alberto has complained, after a couple of cobras, that his "almost something" does not get carried away.Will they end up falling into temptation and will we have a couple soon?

Well, to know and not miss detail of any new confrontation that arises, we connect to 24 hours, let's go!

The tranquility in the house returns

Calm has come back in the house.Virginia has finished dressing and Elena accompanies her while she also assaulted.In the kitchen, Cora, Colchero, Nissy and Alberto talk about whether they are affectionate or not and how Cora and Laila could be hugged for hours for hours.

Nissy comes up with an idea: that they let them out from 7 pm and come back at night."All drunk," says Nissy.Not to see their relatives, huh.And Cora points out that at the beginning he believed that Colchero was very in love.

In the dressing room, Brenda points out that it has been there for a long time and does not advance and Hector who goes to the jacuzzi because the food still has a little while still.

Well, with this tranquility, I say goodbye today.Enjoy the weekend and continue very close to 24 hours to know what will happen this afternoon.We read on Monday, that you are very happy!

Hector hurts him as the enemy

The test break arrives to eat.Carlos is very happy and his trial companions, Marta, Adri and Colchero, too.In the plus, Héctor continues to talk with Virginia and Brenda.He assures that Rafa said he has changed and that they treat him almost as the enemy.He has also bitten him that his exam is very clear that the one who leaves is him.Brenda assures him that right now he sees him better than when he entered.And he believes that the most constructive criticisms have told him, it is what they are most with him.

While the deep conversation continues, Adri and Alberto put the table and Nissy finished doing the food.Colchero helps his colleagues too.

Héctor reflects with Brenda about Carmen and Rafa

Hector is worried about how his contest will be seeing outside the house and also, it is added that his relationship with Carmen and Rafa is void right now.Brenda believes that he has perceived it as a betrayal."What I see is that there is a majority that have that point of humanity that I love," he says.And puts examples: Kenny's joy, which Brenda helps Carlos, Alberto always wants to reconcile...

But it has hurt to give everything for other colleagues and that they have kicked him.Talk about Carmen and Rafa, of course.And Brenda tells him that maybe there are people who do not need their help and now to understand it, who just want to be heard."You have to help how the other person needs to help you," he reflects.Hector believes they are people who are in their comfort zone and do not want to get out of there.

Virginia believes that you should get less involved.Assures that he loves psychology and we are surprised.Brenda tries to explain why Álvaro told him the wolf with lamb skin.And he believes that as he has been proclaiming love and peace, when they saw him get his character, he surprised."My way of acting is that I have certain guidelines and that people have to stop it in dry," he explains.

The twins bury the war ax

The sisters are talking in the kitchen to try to fix their conflict this morning.They speak very calm and it seems that they reach an understanding.Laila says she is very repetitive but does not want me to change because it is so, and it's not bad at all.Nissy says that some defect has to have, because if it wouldn't be the wonder woman."I cook well, I rob the eggs well..."says laughing.Aratzne interrupts them to organize food and that Nissy can also test and finish the food.

The girls keep talking to finish solving their problems.They hug and end the movement talking.It seems that Laila does not like Nissy to be so on her protecting her so much."I like that you advise me but I'm going to do what I see," says Laila.And he tells her that the problem is that she accepts heros but Nissy does not give her."I am your weakness," he says.Laila seems to spend more time with her sister, but finally the girls are given love and apologized.

Laila y Nissy vuelven a estar juntastelecinco.es

Elena behind Brenda's secret

Elena tells Alberto that she has noticed Brenda's gut and believes that she is the secret that she has lost a lot of weight.He believes it because he has fixed in the gut and has several scars and the most loose skin.He even believes that it can be because he has had his children by caesarean section.Alberto does not know why he has not noticed those things so much.He has noticed more, so he tells him again the secrets that he thinks he is hit.Keep betting that he was with a famous.

Elena believes that this secret is from Aratzne because she told her first former had to call her because she is a public person.Be careful with Elena that is in Sherlock Holmes mode and in the end the one looking for...find.Alberto is also a bit lost with this issue."I'm going to give you the button.Also as I am a gossip..I love it, "he says.And he asks for his boy's track.Alberto does not release garment and Elena jokes with which she eats scourers.And both laugh.They continue to think about the secrets and the one that catches their attention is that of "I have opened a corpse".Alberto seems the most heavy secret, because of course eating scales is the most normal.

Elena and Alberto's love

8.00 - 16.00 | Elena y Alatzne se enfrentan por la lavadora

In the kitchen, Elena and Alberto talk about their (no) relationship with Nissy.Alberto tells the moment he charges and wants to change room but to sleep with her, not far from her.Tortolites hug and go hand in hand with the garden.

La casi pareja se da cariñotelecinco.es

Elena says she starts talking and spending the day."Don't stop," says Alberto.In addition, Elena believes that you have to get more in home tasks but there are more people who do nothing.They accommodate on the sofa clampitos.And keep complaining that there are people who do nothing.Alberto prefers not to get into that because as he has not seen them, he does not know if they have done it or not.

In the test area are Marta, Adri and Colchero under the captaincy of Carlos.Marta asks Carlos to tell him some anecdote or something to liven up time and laugh a little.And tells you falls that you have had.Summer has passed and could not go to the beach.The accident was at a concert, at the exit, when his followers asked for photos."But who are you?" Marta as amazed."Well Carlos Peña, Nena".reply.And keep telling that he tripped over the new heels and fell.

We put the focus again in Alberto and Elena because they are closer and closer, a few millimeters from their mouths.Alberto smiles and she too but does not take the step.They are lying down, caressing and hand.All very nice.

Elena y Alberto cada vez más cercatelecinco.es

The Secret Story circus

To Cora and Laila has envious the pine moment of Brenda so they are made to do pirouettes but not very successful.Come on, they have ended on the ground, dead laughing."The two are crazy," says Kenny.But they don't give up and keep trying a little more.Without success too.

Volteretas por la casatelecinco.esEllas no se rindentelecinco.es

A little relax

Nissy, Alberto and Virginia are already getting to work with food.Nissy fantasizes that at the time she cooks, all cameras point to her person and people in their homes prepare the food following their instructions.Come on, you want a kitchen program for itself.Bluntly.

We change to the area of the test where Rafa and Carmen Reman while Alatzne acts as Vigía but Rafa wants to change and that Carmen do the entire hour.The captain gives them permission to change and Alatzne begins to highlight.

In another wing of the house, Adri and Héctor talk about the little time they have been in the house and how much it seems that they have been there.They go to bed late, get up relatively soon and the days are eternal.And they keep talking about where they live and travel.

We continue in the test zone.It seems that Rafa and Carmen have already reached an understanding but they still turn.Rafa asks to speak with Aratzne and not with him but Carmen says she is talking to her friend Álvaro."Carmen, if you get tired you let me know.But just to know, because I'm not going to go down anymore, "says Rafa.Carmen complains to her partner of why she can't stand a little, but Aratzne is a vote of silence because her throat hurts.So Carmen decides that she will also go from Rafa.Álvaro gets to sing and his compis gets laughing."Liela a little Álvaro," Carmen asks for.

We return to the garden, where Kenny is showing Kenny to do the pine.Brenda is a little scared but his friend makes it clear that he does not drop her.Once he manages to put on his mouth, Kenny gives him instructions: tight ass, firm hands, stretch the body...But Brenda gets tired.

Carmen and Rafa enter loop and a half they discuss

Carmen and Rafa have entered a dreaded loop of why or why does it not Carmen is so look with a magnifying glass inside the house.As they are half arguing, Rafa gets tired and tells her friend that she doesn't want to talk more.They do not end up being understood because Rafa says that they do not have to stay in the fact that they look at him with magnifying glass, but in why they do it.

Rafa se cansa de la conversación con Carmentelecinco.es

They discuss a little because they are not understood, Rafa says that it is expressed but there is no fluid communication between them."Álvaro understands me perfectly," complains.Nothing they do not advance.Carmen wants to know the reason and tell him already.But no, Rafa gets tired and snorted."I think they have been a cluster of situations," says Alatzne.Rafa insists that they all know that, but he becomes nervous because they don't understand what he means."You are making me nervous," he says."You leave the conversation in half," Carmen complains.They try, but they do not leave the loop of: tell me to already told you."You are going around," says Carmen and believes he is hesitating.Look, tell him already because my mother dizzy.

Carmen gives an ultimatum and Rafa sit down again.Rafa tells him that they only see the door, as they see everything, but they have to think about what is behind."Give me your perception," Carmen tells him."I think that people really fuck us that we have square of p *** mother," he ends up saying.Carmen complains that she has already said that and insists that that's why she is not, because for him they have not gone.

Carmen believes that much of her companions are going to a knife for her

Carmen and Rafa are still talking and a half argue because Rafa does not mean things because he says they don't understand each other.Carmen believes that they look at everything she does with magnifying glass but Rafa believes that it is because they get superb and laugh at everything.Carmen does not believe that it is for that reason even if she considers it a plus, yet, she does not understand that she lifts and bothers, that she collects a lipstick and annoying too...And he believes if they were for the laughs, they would also go for Rafa.

He believes he is wrong but does not want to give him more advice because Hector seems like and he doesn't like that.Carmen says that Marta, Colchero and Adri do not think so because yesterday they told him that they like them, that it is a part of the house like Elena, Héctor, Alberto...to Virginia.In fact, Brenda asked for his opinion and he felt bad."It's looking with magnifying glass," he insists."I think there are things that you are not right," he says.Aratzne sits and Rafa asks her to tell her what things he is not right but Alatzne is put aside because she has just arrived and does not know what the thing is about.Almost.

Carmen speaks a little pissed off and Rafa asks him not to get angry with him, who does not want them to end up.

Complaints, complaints and more complaints

Héctor talks to Aratzne of the leader position of some colleagues.Assures that he has already made clear things with many of them.Therefore, he told Rafa to relate more to others so that it was not easy white in nominations.

Rafa while telling Carmen her conversation with Héctor that he thinks he leaves."He thinks Álvaro is leaving but Álvaro is not leaving, he leaves," he says.Carmen also believes that he leaves and that Hector knows."I hope it was me, because I am falling badly, and that I am expelled," he says.In fact, this morning has let him know this morning.Then they talk about whether or not Carmen like Carlos Sobera.Sure yes, woman.And Rafa advises him to speak with the people who may seem serious.

Carmen y Rafa, en el sofátelecinco.es

Carmen talks about the moment they told her that she was nominated and that Brenda approached to hug her.Rafa does not trust her and Carmen says that she either.He sees the empathic but Rafa does not agree with that.Medium discuss the terms that Carmen uses.Rae's erre is by Rafa.Carmen throws him that he does not listen to him when he speaks, but Rafa believes that in the house the loop issues are spoken until something else comes out and of course, he disconnects as soon as the songs begin to repeat.They return to discuss.What a couple.

Carmen says that the twins seem bad people, but Rafa does not agree.Carmen believes that they are bad for the ways of trying to attack her."They want to liquidate me because they see me so, so rival that they want to liquidate me," he says.And Rafa believes that he cannot judge them for that because in the house they are all attacked.

While in the plus, Carlos speaks with Laila, Cora, Colchero and Marta the theme of laundry.Marta believes that the best thing is that at the food they feel and talk about home tasks.Colchero explains that this morning Elena has told her that nobody lets her clean and Marta says that is a lie."He said he wanted to laundered because he must believe that it is very easy," says Carlos.Marta believes that in Lavandería two people are enough.

Elena, is in the dressing room, complaining with Alberto that Aratzne is very defensive with her.

Héctor does not think he will be expelled

Rafa tells Héctor on his face that he believes that he will be expelled is him.Héctor, with a smile from ear to ear tells him no, that he will be Álvaro."I rely on the first day already nominated Carmen," he says.But Alatzne believes that a week gives a lot and that the public already has an opinion formed."I think what highlights are the big chickens, the moves of discussions and what they have generated outside," he says in relation to the times Carmen has discussed.Alatzne however cannot get wet with who will be because he has no idea.

Héctor no cree que sea él el expulsadotelecinco.es

Rafa tells him that he doesn't know why he will be but that he believes him for the egg, for his forms."It was the entrance, it was what faded...", He says. Héctor sigue ponchándole para que se moje: "Entonces crees que el que actuó mal fui yo", He says.But Rafa tells him that the shots are not going around.The boy gets nervous, says "male" every two words and commands them to drink.

Complaints about tasks

They have 3 minutes to continue paddling the group of Héctor, Elena and Alberto.Héctor is responsible for notifying the next group to be prevented.Alberto and Elena cannot more than so much and ask several times what is left.But Héctor and Álvaro are on their ball talking about the sea and the beach.

In the garden, the boys talk about the tasks following Elena's complaint about laundry.Carlos believes that Lavandería do not need help and that they believe it is more effective to put people in the kitchen, than in laundry.Adri complains that many people leave things through the kitchen and everything is made a disaster.They have cups and glasses even in the bathroom.Even sugar or bread crumbs do not pick them up.They believe they don't cost them anything if they use a plate, wash it and collect later.Carlos has bothered that Elena says that everything is manga per shoulder when she has a third of the dressing table only for her and with everything lying."I have everything collected so that whoever wants to make up can do it without problem," Carlos complains.

Laila imposes a task on Elena: the bathroom

The sisters talk about their problem in the bathroom.Nissy tells him that he does not like to tell him that it is repetitive, that if someone has to say, that she is not her. "Lo hago para que mejores", He says su hermana.They are still a little pissed off.Laila goes in search of Elena to clean the bathroom because she is "made shit".But Elena is in the test and tells him that when he finishes, to take the bath.She says yes but it doesn't know very well what her function is because it seems that everything she does tell her no and she will not insist anymore.Laila insists that the bath is made shit.

Meanwhile, in Plus, Carmen, Rafa and Alatzne talk about the conflict with Elena.It seems that your friendship is broken.

El trío Carmen, Rafa y Alatznetelecinco.es

Elena says she will make the bathroom, but when she finishes, she goes to laundry.He tells Alberto, to do it with her.Good luck is not to row and be like a rose, Alberto tells him.

Was there Cobra?

Alberto follows Erre that Erre with which Elena made him the cobra but she denies it. "Si está todo grabado, ya te pondrán los mejores momentos", He says él riéndose.Bisbal-Chenoa moment. "Que me digan cuál es mi cámara y le pide permiso a la suegri", He says.But Elena does not want.Héctor believes that I should ask for the night pass to let him out at night, as in the mili.And change the subject.Alberto would have liked to go and Héctor believes that the wars are no longer made with weapons if not with pandemics and politicians.They prefer not to talk about that not to get pissed off.

If I get to know...

Yes, the sisters have argued."If I get to know what I enter with you I swear that it doesn't even enter," Nissy releases her sister.They make a bit of mockery and make it clear that they don't want to see each other today.What a Friday awaits us...

Carmen denies having slept on the couch so that Álvaro does not feel bad

Álvaro wonders if he slept today and Rafa tells him yes.And they tell her that Carmen has slept in the room but she denies it again and again.It does not mean Álvaro that it has been because of him so that he does not feel bad.But Rafa doesn't catch it and in the end Carmen confesses. "Vale, hoy duermo aquí", He says Álvaro.And it is that the poor feels bad for not letting his teammates sleep.

Meanwhile, in the plus, the girls are finished makeup and dress for the test.The alarm sounds just and they are meeting to read the Bitácora Notebook all together.They run out except Nissy, who is in the bathroom and hey the alama from there.It reminds "Franco's song".It has each point...

First crisis and shouting for the house

From the kitchen, Nissy is heard shouting.We do not know what is happening but Alberto points out that he is among the sisters because he says they were arguing before. "Nos lo estamos perdiendo", He says Elena.The even half is scrubbing the dishes together in its "quality control" task.But Elena says that from now on she will begin to organize the cotarro.Meanwhile, the middle couple discusses how it is scarce. "¿La primera crisis?", He says Alberto.Elena believes that they are all very susceptible but Alberto believes it is because she has risen with her left foot. Continúa quejándose de cómo esta el cuarto de lavandería: "Es una vergüenza", He says.

Alberto believes that Elena is a bit cold

Alberto and Elena are in the kitchen talking about sleeping together.It seems that she is not very for the work and Alberto asks her colleagues if she is cold. "Está reprimida por las circunstancias", He says Héctor.She insists that she is not cold but Alberto has already asked for a survey in the cube.Is it or not?Then they talk about joke about Elena's task at home.She says she is "quality control" in the kitchen and jokes with it.Alberto, who is part of the kitchens, complains."Fría and Quejica," he tells him.

Aratzne is clear that it will name Elena with 3 points

Aratzne tells Rafa and Carmen in La Lavandería his confrontation with Elena. "Es una lista", He says muy enfada y le confirma a sus compañeros que le vadar 3 puntos en las próximas nominaciones y que ya no quiere hablar con ella.Moreover, he says that if he had 6 points he gave them to her too.What a good atmosphere of good morning.