6 secrets to free yourself from the dry cleaning and solve everything from home | the insider

The Insider with Jossette RiveraDo you want your clothes as they came out of the dry cleaners, but without spending a peso? The Insider brings you the best tips so that you can forget about dry cleaning once and for all and save a little money along the way.By: JossetteRivera G., Jan 20, 2022 – 12:54 PM ESTReactShareLoading Video.. .


Bags to separate garments

Price: $8.99

Use them every time you put the washing machine to avoid friction. The editor says: If you still don't know what can and can't be washed at home, make sure with the Q-tip test. In a part of the garment that cannot be seen, put a little soap and water, and rub with a Q-tip; if the fabric fades, then it does have to go to the dry cleaner.

Kit of white mesh bags for intimate and delicate clothing. Price: $8.99



Spot Cleaner

Price: $19.00

It is scent free, does not contain petroleum, phosphate, phthalates or artificial colors. It's dermatologist-tested and free of animal ingredients. Editor's Opinion: You only need a drop of this cleanser to make red wine, coffee (or whatever) stains disappear.

Unscented Stain Solution. Price: $19

The Laundress



6 secrets to free yourself from dry cleaning and solve everything from home | The Insider

Price: $39.99

It includes 5 trays and is useful for hanging clothes horizontally. It is foldable and has wheels that make it easy to transport. The editor's opinion: To prevent a sweater from becoming ugly, you have to dry it horizontally. This rack will help you do it without maneuvering too much.

Folding rack for drying clothes. Price: $39.99

Honey Can Do


Dry Clean Cloths

Price: $20.93

They are used to clean and refresh fine fabric garments. They do not shrink, stretch or discolor clothing. Editor Says: Using these wipes is super easy. First you use the instant wipes on the stain and then you put the clothes in the dryer with a sheet of Woolite that removes odors and freshens. Extra tip: Always try to remove the sheet a few minutes before the washing machine finishes drying, and finish by hanging the garment.

Woolite dry cleaning kit with 14 cloths. Price: $20.93



Portable Steam Iron

Price: $49.00

Forget wrinkles using this product, which includes a fabric brush, a travel steamer and has an automatic shutdown, for greater safety. The editor says: Stop sending clothes to the dry cleaners, that is solved with a steamer or iron steam. Just check the garment for stains, as the steam could cause them to seal into the fabric. Avoid burns by wearing protective gloves.

Handheld steamer. Price: $49


Steam ironing protective gloves. Price: $9.89



Home Dry Cleaning Kit

Price: $114.99-$998.00

They are semi-professionals and specialize in washing, ironing and sanitizing garments in a short time. The editor opines: This is a desperate measure. Only apply it if you plan to send a lot of clothes to the dry cleaner.

SALAV dual steam vacuum cleaner with clothes hanger and pedals. Price: $114.99


LG Styler Steam Closet for washing, ironing and sanitizing. Price: $998

Home Depot

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