13 ideas for useful and comprehensive modern kitchens

13 ideas for useful and comprehensive modern kitchens

Kitchens design modernas, con muebles útiles e integrales

Giving a touch of color with pleasant accessories that accompany us when cooking, choosing the appropriate furniture or the distribution in the design of modern kitchens, are the key to creating our own environment and feeling at home.

We can find a thousand kitchen furniture, multitude of styles and modules, distributions for small and lar.

But the reality is that kitchens decoration goes much further from these temporary trends as Santos Cocinas indicates;Words such as utility, flexibility, simplicity, ease of cooking and cleaning, practicality, etc..

Gastronomy is lasting over time and we must understand that decorating and conditioning this space must provide us with lasting solutions over time.

To better take the space, we have to look at many details.Regardless of whether it is large or small, irregular or square ... What do you want the best kitchen for your home?

Today, we are going to explain step by step how to have the best kitchen design without leaving anything ... (In the end, there are portals with interesting photographs to catch some ideas)

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How to distribute the kitchen

Ideally, it must be broad, bright and orderly to get a special charm in that corner where we can spend so many hours without realizing it.

Here comes what the experience of cooking years designates as a work triangle and that many professionals apply when designing kitchens.It is a coherent division of the kitchen according to their work areas.

In order for the triangle to function in a more optimal way, the sum of its 3 sides should not be greater than approximately 8 meters, and, separately, none must be less than 1.20 meters (to be able to work), or greater than 2, 70 meters away.

On the typologies of more conventional kitchens, visually the plans - following schemes on their work areas when cooking and moving better (the points reflect the most common forms that we move according to distribution):

These movements in relation to the usual forms of houses derive in the types of more standard kitchens distributions:

For distributions, since it is a broad topic, we have created a very detailed article that you can look from here.

We already know aspects of how to divide the space of our kitchen.Now ... it's time to make a sketch!

To take the measurements, or we make a sketch with a grid paper (remember to measure the height) or we can use an Internet program to draw.

Large surfaces, such as Ikea Kitchens or Leroy Merlin have programs, but you have to download them.From here we have a planner a very easy online kitchens designer.

Note: If it is a comprehensive reform, I advise you to see the tool at the end of the article to have an idea of the cost of the works.

Now!utility tips according to space and distribution:

Remembering that measures for ergonomic kitchens can be designated in the following infographic:

And if we deepen more in the dimensions to improve the usability of space.We have the following image that can be very useful in the distribution of furniture, both high and low:

The previous infographic reflects usual measures in ergonomics and more used, but as in the design and reform of bathrooms, it does not mean that they are mandatory, they are advice.

At this point ... we touch our furniture!

Kitchen furniture

We are going to give a series of tips on how to place kitchen furniture from the utility perspective.Visually venting minimalist style is the primary objective:

Imagine how you move and you will be right with the furniture.A trick that does not fail for design kitchens and not lose its usefulness is to confirm the following:

Distribuciónde mueblesBeberías poder
Alimentos al lado de la placa y el hornoAl alcance de la mano
Sartenes y ollas al lado de la placa y el hornoAl alcance de la mano
Sartenes y ollas al lado del lavavajillasUn guardado rápido
Cubiertos y vajilla al lado del lavavajillasUn guardado rápido
Bote de basura al lado / bajo el fregaderoFácil eliminación de desperdicios
Productos de limpieza al lado / bajo el fregaderoAl alcance de la mano
Cubiertos y vajilla cerca de la mesaPoner la mesa más rápido

Kitchen furniture can be easily transformed, from changing the parts, to painting or applying an imitation vinyl with excellent results.As a summary of suggestions:

13 Ideas para diseño de cocinas modernas útiles e integrales

We continue to create the most modern ideal cuisine ... They touch the colors!

Paint and kitchens

Dare to change the color of the wall, it will give a radical change with very little money (we remember the article on how to paint a wall with good tricks).A tone that highlights the qualities of space and furniture will be ideal.

We remember a mobile app (here - iTunes Apple) that you simply take a picture of a stay, and tell you the colors it uses.Useful to know how to choose the colors of the kitchen!

Kitchen orientation can help determine the convenience of one color or another.Those oriented to the north require warm and luminous colors, on the other hand, those oriented to the south, improve with shades such as white or green.

Those oriented to the east are the best for gray, creams and pastel tones.Those who look to the west are perfect for cold colors.

If we want to learn more about color we have a good article extensive guide on color in architecture.

Details, accessories and accessories

The accessories and small accessories will give the last note to modern cuisine, achieving a very personal atmosphere:

If you can find the ideal distribution, custom furniture, chord painting and combined details, the perfect environment will have been found.It is possible to change the design with a minimum investment, only an adequate distribution will be necessary.

Sometimes, giving free rein to creativity with simple details or protagonist pieces, it can be enjoyed and works more easily in a kitchen.

It should not be just a place to enjoy gastronomy, stoves or cooking, you can also offer a space for meetings, share and talk.

Add meters

In recent years, the kitchen has been a source of ideas in design, gaining ground in today and becoming comfortable and manageable.Practical accessories and furniture are sought so that it is simple to cook and can be achieved, on any occasion, to be the best host:

Now, if you want exclusivity ... Look at the following trends!

Cooking and style trends

Keys, the most current designs.The style of furniture or its distribution, as we have already commented, are some key aspects in kitchens design.The most modern designs of kitchens and current can give us some clues and suggestions to decorate without the need to go to a professional.

We observe in windows and decoration magazines the style of contemporary kitchens that are consolidated in clear trends together with the rest of the house without physical borders, open movements open with great fluidity to the dining room, be and exterior.

Fashion inclinations adapt to personal uses, respecting distribution and conserving current air.

1.- Flexibilidad en los materiales de la cocina

A design kitchen has to give off functionality in all its materials and a surprising aesthetic taste, attending to ergonomics with good lighting mixtures and resistant and durable materials.

Combinations of stainless steel work banks, workshop modules to keep the order added to stone countertops, corian, zodiaq, solid or lamemoolor wood with finishes in curved lines.Glass, aluminum and steel are successful proposals for a cooking with aseptic and contemporary character.

2.- Ligereza en el mobiliario de la cocina

Find storage solutions with highly illuminated columns internally for the weekly or monthly purchase, and designed to also save the dishes or glassware.

Drawers with sliding systems with straight sides and anodized aluminum, with a soft closure system in two heights are practical and simple options that have long been practiced in the dining room decoration.All this will give us a perfect scenario for the order and quality of life.Remember the famous phrase "less is more".

3.- Sensibilidad ecológica general con la instalación de la cocina

Furniture manufacturers offer their products with the minimum consumption in raw materials and energy, long duration, recycling and non -toxic finishes that guarantee total freedom in the choice of finishes.If we look at the energy consumption table:

We will quickly realize the importance of appliances in the kitchen;The oven, dishwasher, or the different types of fridge that we compose what they really consume.So care what we spend money!

With the help of exempt columns or cabinets, it will allow us to hide a refrigerator, an oven or a microwave.CLAIMS OF PERSIANA FOR THE SMALL FORMAT AND THOUSAND A continuous surface appearance.

In addition, hide all appliances in sight, the concealment of these will allow us in the day zone isolate it from the noise they can cause.

4.- Modularidad y funcionalidad en el equipamiento de la cocina

Choosing the latest technological trends in appliances is important when choosing your kitchen style.An example of the latest in cooking technology:

Extractor bells with elliptical geometries made of aluminum and glass materials;refrigerators with climatic zones divided inside for a better conservation of their food;Steamed furnaces to roast and gratin, keep hot food and achieve accurate cooking.

5.- Naturalidad y belleza dentro del entorno

The kitchen environment must be a family meeting point where everyone finds their place inside.You have to adjust your owner perfectly, reflecting her life in her with an individual and independent style.

A space to cook, eat and relate, an exquisite stay to contribute happiness in our lives without great costs and unattainable firms.

We will not only reflect the taste for decoration but internally we will grow as we grow our needs and the inhabitants who live there.You want a place to cook but also one more motivation to live and enjoy your home.

6.- Bienestar y coherencia en el resultado final de la nueva cocina

It is increasingly difficult for us to reach that vessel of the upper shelf or that pot at the bottom of the furniture.You can't always enjoy breakfast and overheads as long as one wants with all the calm in the world when we are in this part of the house.

If we think that a little more light would give life, a better organization would be more comfortable and easy to clean ....Why not improve it to enjoy to the fullest?

It is necessary to find a balance between the design of a kitchen and the lifestyle.The right colors will be sought (see meanings of the colors in this article), integrating the necessary lighting and finding the accessories more in line with the room (shelves, sink, appliances, etc.).

Consejos prácticos en tendencias para cocinas

How to calculate Budget Reform Kitchen

On the Internet we have different tools and applications to see how much the reform of a kitchen costs and obtain more or less detailed an orientation budget.

To have a general idea of the cost of the works, we will see a useful application.

As we want to provide quality, professionalism and offer a tool that really provides value, we will have to go to the IVE tool (Valencian Building Institute).

Work on a construction price fully updated per year and has a useful and easy application to give us a real orientative value and possible home reforms.(We can also save and print the budget)

With a decoration full of ideas, proposals and decorative secrets, you can get a new kitchen, practice and comfortable, without having to change furniture if it is not necessary.

Look for kitchens offers for sale!There are many and, above all, in exchange for the season or shop windows, there you can buy interesting things.

More than 100 photographs to be inspired by good ideas

Although many times we have an idea of what we want, looking at other projects and images can give us more inspiration.So we leave some websites where you will find good photographs about modern kitchens to catch some good idea, there are users who have a lot of imagination!

If you liked the item, score and share!

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Bio: Pau Seguí (Paul) is a founder and director of Ovacen, a digital newspaper.He has been experienced in the field of architecture, construction, efficiency, renewable and sustainability for more than 18 years of experience in the field of architecture, construction, efficiency,.Write under construction21, real estate, and many other publications in blogs and specialized portals.

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